Car how to do high water temperatures

Car temperature is too high for many reasons, mostly due to the water seepage, caused by lack of cooling water, are common: broken fan belt, tanks or leaking pipes, thermostat malfunction, oil leakage. If the car with the engine power disappears or turn out violent knocking sound such as knock, mostly because of engine overheating. Specific reasons

(1) the cooling fan does not turn. The cooling fan may be controlled by temperature control switch; may also be controlled by the temperature sensor.

(2) less than the cooling medium. Antifreeze: high-end car requirements throughout the year should raise antifreeze; water or distilled water: a makeshift; radiator cap leaking.

(3) damage to the thermostat. To tear down the thermostat, this time should be small cycles plug, which can ensure that all the coolant cooling tank; when installing a new note with a thermostat water hole, as no water hole Santana, At this time, the application 6mm drill bit to drill a hole. Is marked with a role; other role is the car in the heating process, the temperature difference on both sides of the thermostat, the thermostat envoy accurately opened with water.

(4) clogging of the tank. external application of water or clogging of the dirt removed air; internal blockage will affect circulating a cooling fluid, while a pressure is generated, then there will be two results, one is the water leakage, and the other is at high speed when water temperature is particularly high.

(5) pump failure. wheel slip or stuck lead to broken timing belt; deformation of the impeller.

(6) Cylinder wear and tear. red combustion chamber and waterways, then will discharge from the drainage pipes or white smoke, resulting in frequent water tank; waterways and rushed oil passage (water white oil); waterways and watercourses punch, resulting in cooling the cylinder bad, especially at high speeds greater impact; blocking waterways.

(7) is not correct ignition timing (a timing light correction) and high oil pressure.

Car temperature is too high hazard

Water temperature is too high, commonly known as "boil." "Boil" will lead to the cylinder head, cylinder block deformation or damage.

High summer temperatures, cooling water tank becomes difficult, the engine will have different degrees of water temperature rises, the cooling water hose is also more likely to leak appeared to soften, so traffic on the way water is too hot even boil becomes common. Normal engine water temperature should be constant between 85-95 degrees Celsius, is not well atomized fuel into the cylinder when the water temperature is too low, the power and economy is not good, when the low temperature and with the gap between the various parts is also too large, noise vibration will be bigger. When the temperature is too high and the viscosity of the oil becomes thinner, the strength decreased lubrication, while the piston, high-speed movement of the valve member more easily deformed, resulting in weakness engine. In severe cases, the expansion deformation of the cylinder the cylinder piston will strain, and the crank pad becomes dissolved locking crankshaft, the consequences could be disastrous. Therefore, as the water table pointer approaches the red zone, or temperature warning light, you should immediately pull over, checking stall.

Car temperature is too high how to do

When we encounter alarm temperature is too high, the deceleration should first, and then to drive to the roadside, not to rush to turn off the engine, because the temperature is too high, can cause the piston, steel walls, cylinders, crankshaft and other high temperature, thinning the oil , loss of lubrication. If at this time the flame, the parts are in the expanded state, the auxiliary gap is very small, resulting in some of the soft metal falling down, some may even cause sticky cylinder. So after the discovery boil, do not turn off immediately, but should remain temporarily idling, trying to cool down.

Never pour cold water poured to cool the engine, which could cause the engine block because the quenching and burst. Is the right way: gloves, and then covered in the tank with more than one sheet folded wet cloth, will be gently unscrewed a tank cover slits, slowly discharging steam, etc., down the pressure tank, cold water, or supplement antifreeze.

Due to water seepage, insufficient cooling water caused, in that case you can add distilled water or purified water emergency, when convenience for maintenance. Just pay attention to the hot car Do not open the radiator cap to avoid strong pressure of water vapor ejected internal burns. If a sufficient amount of water, it is necessary to see the back of the tank fan, even when the water temperature is high after the flame, the fan should be running. If the fan does not move, first dial the fan blades to see if the fan motor stuck, you can easily dial normal. If the motor is not necessary to check the fan fuse problem, this is one of multiple reasons, especially in the summer when a large amount of electricity. Thermostat also cause failure of multiple reasons for the high temperature, it will cut off once the cooling water circulation failure, touch the tank when the upper and lower two thick glue possess significant when the temperature difference is thermostat breakdowns, need to be removed to replace, this is generally referred to professionals.

As the water temperature at the time usually drive a bit high, it should pay attention to the surface of the tank is not a lot of mud, gravel or cotton, causing decreased water tank cooling capacity, the best time to clean the car wash. For older models, the high temperature water tank and the engine is probably caused by internal scale deposition on the need to clean up the specialty store.

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