How long can drive after drinking

How much alcohol to drink reached drunk driving standard

It refers to drunk driving driver blood alcohol content greater than or equal to 20 mg 100 ml, 100 ml and less than 80 mg of drunk driving, such as greater than 100 ml of 80 mg of drunk driving. Typically, bottle or drinking 2 bottles of beer, about one or two 12 degree wine, about 50 degrees two half liquor, drunk driving can be achieved standard.

Drink a bottle of beer, how long can drive

The rate of metabolism of alcohol in the human body is limited, typically only metabolite per hour from 10 to 15 grams of alcohol. To this end, a beer or two and a half white wine, best to wait until 10 hours before driving, drink two bottles of beer or two 3 low spirits, the best of the day and then driving, drinking alcohol content higher if the amount is more large, I want to live longer before they can drive a car.

Because the rate of metabolism of alcohol in the human body and many factors are related, each person's metabolism of alcohol is not the same speed, the same rate of alcohol metabolism in individuals at different times or in different environments is not the same.

Expert advice

Alcohol is generally dissipates in the body time to 10-20 hours. Sometimes drinking wine at night to sleep the next morning nothing was done, he checked the car out the results of drinking and driving is the reason. Physiologically reflects nothing but alcohol is still not clean, ranked in the body, so after drinking 10 to 20 hours after the car is more scientific.

Summary: Everyone's body is different, so the rate of metabolism of alcohol is not the same, some riders feel yourself drinker, you do not need such a long time, but the momentary happy, driver's license was revoked does not pay, so I really hit if necessary drink, now called a substitute for driving is also very convenient. For themselves and their families, to refrain from excessive drinking. Like that is presumptuous, but love is restraint.

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