Automotive professional eight exams

Please take this set today AutoTalkShow specially prepared for you a professional car [8] test sets of questions, please use the old drivers are now professional attitude, knowledge revisit the peak when a young and frivolous:

Exam now, please do not whisper, but do not use mobile phones and other communications equipment!

First, multiple-choice questions:

1, different manufacturers have different strengths, know that Honda are keen research engine, BMW keen to study manipulation, keen study that ask the public ()

A. Body B. modified wheel garland

C. The Chinese D. drift car

2, in recent years, the only multi-session reelection, defending never missed [award] cosplay parody car brand is ()

A. B. Zotye Mitsubishi

C. D. Beijing Jeep Fiat

3, "Mustang" is a well-known trademark, may I ask Which of these models belong to the real "Mustang" ()

A. Zonda B.GT500


4, some time ago released a luxury brand Rolls-Royce SUV models Cullinan, named after the car comes from ()

A.NBA star B. pants an article

C. racking our brains to think of a name D. Diamond

5, the civilians on ultra-running - Fit GK5 super describe God, is not correct ()

A. large space within B.9s Pobai

D. C. may be enough fuel stitch tons sister

6, the historic dialogue, "Your GTR quickly, but each must complete the Tuitou, so you no match for my ()"

A. Mazda FCB. Mazda FD

C. D. Wuling Hongguang Changan Benben

7, also from "down the road legend" quotations, even Mercedes + Rolex are not the phrase "I just want to GTR", refers to a ()

A. BMW M3GTRB. Nissan Skyline GTR

C. Benz GLK GTR D. Lamborghini Diablo GTR

8. Which of the following does not belong to things "low-lying posture party modified" fear ()

A. B. deceleration zone police

D. C. Wuling force of faith have the best long straight road tunnel

9, the following brands of engine oil Kenche end let go, but also to innocent is ()

A. Toyota, Honda B.

C. mass D. Chang

10, the following is not an important condition for foreign cars into China belongs to is ()

A. B.7 seat version extended

C. D. sedan strong power

Second, the code match:

Please fill in the appropriate models of civil titles from the following options: Mitsubishi EVO (), the Honda S2000 (), Toyota Supra (), Nissan GTR (), Acura NSX (), Fit GK5 (), Zotye RS9 (), Jili Bo Vietnam ( ), Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG (), twelve on behalf of the Crown (), Subaru sti (), Wuling Hongguang S (), Prado (), Gallardo (), Toyota Ze cool way ()

a. suit mob b. Fighter c. d SOCIAL brother land frigate e. best SUV

f. God car g. civilian supercar h. leopard i. EGL Ferrari j. Ares

k. mountain devil k. When Thai Paul m. calf n. Maxpower o. overbearing

Third, the essay questions:

1, please include breeze, zhongtai, Goodway's "tribute" over other brands models (minimum two cases), and to be described (discharge) above (groove):

2, magic Recently Beiqi C60 speed release, please simply judging from the appearance of the car about how much horsepower, and all aspects of information through C60, seeking Lamborghini Urus psychological shadow area:

3. Please describe the "highest annual increase in oil prices" and "limited license price shot lead card" case, the correct attitude trips (do not say bad words):

Fourth, the ultimate Rider additional questions:

Please top to bottom, left to right corresponding to write popular models:

Fifth, open Q & A:

You can select the following single mention of this year's car models from the following model years, and to describe their feelings, and objective assessment of the car:

Bugatti Veyron

Rolls-Royce Phantom

Koenigsegg Ghost

Wuling Hongguang

Bentley Continental GT

Pagani Zonda

Evan tower multi Lamborghini

Read here, it shows you the entire topics are all done!

If you do all the right, to prove that you had "swept drift Autumn Mountain, one second through five can bend!" But if the error is still a lot? It only shows "a look horsepower hundred and fifty, ten seconds foot throttle Five", but do not lose heart, but also a test of your life just a small step, if you want the car would become a god, just remember to read the article AutoTalkShow !

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