From July 1 to conduct a serious investigation of these types of cars, please pay attention to older drivers!

Important: July 1 lifting check these types of models

In recent years, the rapid development of China's economy, which is evident to all of the many families to buy a car, which facilitate people's daily travel but also had a negative impact, emissions also caused pollution, although this year compared to previous years, really good sky some, but still has some influence. Meanwhile violations, accidents continue to add, the Ministry of Communications goalkeeper recent crack down on illegal behavior, especially thorough investigation of the three following models!

1, large trucks

Most trucks, transport vehicles in order to avoid audit procedures, without permission illegal operators to seek benefits, such as: overload, block the plate, deliberately grade is not clear, speeding, illegal and other acts of serious harm to the environment and road traffic order, the Ministry of Communications recently increased audit the management of transport vehicles.

2, van

In addition to the above said large trucks, vans and one of the most common models, some car owners in order to earn money, or unauthorized alterations to the cargo soliciting travel. There overloading and illegal behavior. Also there is no legitimate operational procedures, a huge impact on traffic safety problems. So owners must be reasonable to use such models.

3, headlights unauthorized alterations

When driving at night, we often encounter nasty high beam, some car owners for their own eyes more bright lights were converted to privately, this behavior is very serious violation. After high beam modification in the car will cause the other vehicle will brief sight of a blank, seriously affecting road traffic safety, resulting in the risk of accidents to others.

To create a good traffic environment is everyone's responsibility, starting with me!

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