5 most easily overlooked illegal traps, which let you move in too?

Today, driving under increasing pressure, heart no less than an act of a violation occurs, it is on the road not only to pay attention to traffic safety, the following have to pay attention to these signs, do not pay attention to illegal avoid falling into these illegal traps inside.

1, the range of speed

Range of speed in the high speed very common. The reason for this design because many drivers experience high speed camera slow down in advance, to be adopted later, the owner will then speed. But if they go into a range of speed, the system will automatically calculate the average speed to determine whether you are accelerating, so, then, a little attention, you will find yourself a violation.

2, high-speed ramp

After leaving the high-speed link, the gateway will enter. In many highway ramp will the speed limit to 40 km/h. However, due to the high speed is very fast, can not instantly dropped to 40, so once accidentally, will be speeding on the ramp. Remind owners, in addition to the ramp speed limit, but also need to pay attention to, and out of the gateway you will need to indicate and because it is also likely to cause illegal.

3, not by the deceleration ETC

In many owners believe ETC channel can not stop directly by, then do not have to slow down, in fact, ETC lane speed limits, speed limit 20km/h, so car owners when passing through the ETC channel, remember to slow down, otherwise you will before long 've got a message.

4, forced through a red light

"Is" red light phenomenon is caused due to force majeure, such as in front of a large truck just through the green light, through a red light that they have, and their line of sight was blocked just before the car, so it ran a red light, but this behavior police milo still determined to red light violations. However, due to special reasons, the owner can go to the Public Security Bureau revoked illegal, but the process is very cumbersome, time should be a year or so. So, to remind owners to keep their distance see carts, must follow.

5, lane speed limit is also different in different

Half the cases, there are many types of lane speed limit and traffic rules. Different bus road speed limit also significantly different, more often, a small passenger car road will be more than the other lane, the truck driver just turn into some of these junctions, did not pay attention to change lanes, the road to capture power and violation of the police.

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