Flameout automatic models Troubleshooter

Automatic models generally stalled situation will not occur easily, if you encounter a situation to turn off automatic models when what is causing the problem?

1, the automatic transmission models will not easily turn off phenomenon, and manual transmission models due to the driving level is not high, may often stall phenomenon. But do not rule out automatic transmission car will not turn off the phenomenon, the main reason is the use of poor quality fuel leads to engine deposits and stall.

2. In addition, for reasons mainly appear stalled car driving skills is not enough skilled caused another possibility is to issue car engine or oil, but for a new car, the problem is less likely the engine itself, the majority the reason is that the problem of the oil.

3, the last for the old models, in addition to the cause flameout driving skills is not enough skilled, but it is the use of substandard quality of the engine oil as a result of carbon set flameout.

Automatic transmission car flameout troubleshooting tips:

Usually pay attention to the place: for automatic transmission car stalling phenomenon is caused or the use of poor quality fuel. First, go to a regular gas station larger high-grade oil, for example, using 97 gasoline, although the price is a lot more expensive, but you can protect your car a longer life and a good exercise in power. But some owners covet cheap oil plus 90, although the price a little lower, but in the future it may be a problem. The second is qualified to large gas station!

Practice: the left-hand direction stabilize grasp the steering wheel, the right foot firmly on the brakes as the vehicle speed decreases, and then quickly shift the AT hit the N range, then the key back a cell, and then re-ignition, then AT shift recovery D files to normal driving.

Manual car flameout troubleshooting tips:

1, for the novice, halfway flameout is not a new topic, the main method to quickly rule out running after to improve their driving skills.

2, using high-quality standard of qualified fuel.

3, a thorough cleaning the oil will include fuel injectors, throttle valve, fuel tanks and the like. There may be your plus oil quality tests, plastic resin in too much oil blocked, causing the oil to poor attack. Automotive repair and maintenance network

4, the cause of the malfunction for cars idling stall air is mainly due to excessive dust, deposited with the engine running at idling motor and the throttle valve body locus many dirt, dirt accumulation when too much, the engine will be idling through low, poor idling stability, there will be idling stop when driving. The solution to this problem is simple: just wash idling motor can be.

5, oil is smooth, it can easily lead halfway flameout.

6, due to rising oil prices, coupled with the return of many hobbies - cycling, walking to work increased, so the emergence of a new car park not long-term use. In fact, should not have parked for a long time. In case a longer parking time, we should do a thorough maintenance before reuse, oil changes, filter, etc., and as the case may inspect fuel circuit. Your vehicle may cause long-term parking because lubrication or circuit problems.

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