13-year-old boy died out sunroof

Place on a highway accident with China's Jiangxi Province, the body a little boy out of the sun roof when the car passed limit high pole, the vehicle is neither decelerating nor stopping, head directly to children and high limit pole collision, resulting in tragedy.

After official notification Jiangxi police learned that the child was only 13 years old, died at the scene after the accident. This news has been issued, attracted many hot friends, but most of the comments that underage boys, vehicle drivers and the child's guardian to deal with the primary responsibility for the accident pay.

Guardian did not do to care obligations, while the car driver's behavior made me feel, as unintentional whom, and that this must be a manifestation of a lack of defensive driving consciousness.

In the driving process, in addition to the driver to make sure they are in good driving condition, should also observe, understand what hazards there are driving the process, only to master defensive driving methods to predict and identify the danger ahead, and to take effective preventive measures to ensure traffic safety.

Children ride the seven taboo:

1. holding a child sitting in the passenger;

2. Let the children leaned out from the sunroof or side windows;

3. Let the children stand on the center armrest;

4. Let the children alone in the car of a person;

5. let the children sit on the co-pilot;

6. Allow the child to use an adult seat belt;

7. food to feed their children in the car.

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