Female practical car supplies recommended

With economic development, the car is no longer just a man's "toy", many women joined the army car. By 38 Day approaching, I recommend several suitable for women of automotive supplies, we hope that the majority of male compatriots positive action, to us that she send a holiday surprise! Here I also wish the majority of female festival happy!



He said a woman born Luchi may be a bit too, but in real life there are indeed many women do not have a sense of direction. So the car must be one of the car navigation equipment female owners need it most. Select Navigator when to give priority to responsiveness and accuracy of navigation map, in addition to the best choice for simple operation GPS, because most women do not have the habit of study of the specification.



Compared to men owners, the majority of women owners of some driving skills are weak. It is also for this reason, many criminals would specifically looking for female owner, man-made accident manufacturing "Pengci." Therefore, in order to avoid the event of an accident when clearly reasoned, she rushed to buy your beloved a tachograph.

Drawer shoebox


Drawer shoebox for women owners, is a very practical configuration. If you have a car because the drawer type shoe box, flat shoes women owners can put on the shoe box, so that a good solution to the bad habit of wearing high heels female owner of the car. Drawer design does not take up a lot of space inside the vehicle, it does not affect the longitudinal adjustment of the seat.

Lumbar pillow cushions


Driving time is actually a manual labor children, a high concentration of spirit and mind remain unchanged posture gave the female owner of a lot of added pressure. Select the appropriate cushion female owner can give a more comfortable driving environment, reduce fatigue.

Car perfume


Perfume can not only play a role in purifying the car smell, taste a variety of perfume it is able to play the role of refreshing. At the same time, a beautiful perfume bottle appearance can also play a decorative role on the car. Remember, though, perfume the air bag must not be placed above, or is a "time bomb" threatening the lives of passengers.

Anti-permeability Julian


Anti-permeability Julian for women who love traveling by car owners is, it is definitely an indispensable equipment. When you need to change clothes, just tap the button side door windows and rear curtain buttons, five curtains will be raised, absolutely protect your privacy. In addition, when you take valuables and inconvenient to carry, need to be stored in the car, anti-permeability Julian also play a role to deceive the public.

Summary: In fact, the value of a gift is not a gift of the value of the gift but whether practical, I hope to be able to recommend the majority of male friends a little inspiration.

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