Fall car maintenance tips

After a hot, high temperature, rainy summer, finally ushered in the cool autumn. How to care for your car in order to make your peace of mind, happy driving it? Here to introduce some of the fall car maintenance tips to prepare for your reference.

First, the outside of the vehicle maintenance

Autumn morning dew are more cars often very wet surface, if your car has obvious scratches the surface, it should be done in paint treatment, so as not to scratch parts of the damp and rust. In addition, due to the acid rain in summer rain corrosion and summer strong direct light, car paint will inevitably be oxidized in the season, the time to do your best from cleaning, polishing and waxing your car to the surface, sealing glaze or coating a series of beauty maintenance.

Second, tire maintenance

Car tires are "feet" in the safe driving of the vehicle, which plays an important role. In the summer, due to high temperatures, should always check the tire pressure, the tire pressure must not be too high, otherwise, there will be the risk of a puncture, and the fall, due to the relatively low temperatures, tire pressure should add to it maintaining a predetermined pressure range, at the same time, should check whether scratches tire, because the rubber hardens easily fall and winter appear more brittle, the tire easy to leak, or even rolling tires, in addition to frequent cleaning of the tread inclusion thereof.

Third, the maintenance of the engine compartment

Into the fall, you should always check the engine compartment of the oil, brake fluid and antifreeze, to see whether sufficient oil, if bad, whether to the replacement cycle, these fluids like blood in the car, the replacement cycle, we must replace in order to ensure the smooth circulation of oil.

Fourth, the brake system maintenance

Always check the presence or absence of braking is weakened, deviation, whether the brake pedal pedaling intensity changes, the line portion of the entire brake system to clean up if necessary.

Fifth, fan heaters and pipeline maintenance

Cooler autumn weather, frost occurs when the temperature is low, in this season, you should pay special attention under the windshield defroster vents wind is normal, the heat is enough, if problems arise, to promptly resolve, otherwise, to bring your driving insecurity.

Sixth, the air inlet or inlet grille, electronic fan maintenance

These parts should always check whether there is debris, if debris, dust can be blown with compressed air, Further, in the engine cold state, water washing or more parts can be used from the inside out.

Seven, air conditioning maintenance

Hot summer weather, high temperatures, car air conditioning is often overloaded. In addition, due to the summer more rain, the car will often take some wading road, resulting in the lower air-conditioning condenser contaminated sediment on many, over time, will cause condensation is rusting, thus shortening the life of air conditioning, therefore, into the fall, your car's air conditioning do maintenance is particularly important.

Eight, battery maintenance

In the fall, the electrode wiring at the car battery is the most problematic areas, check if the electrode wiring found at the green oxide, must use boiled water to wash away, these green oxide causes insufficient generator power, the battery in the power status, it can also cause severe battery scrap, or could not beat the car.

Car note, not to let speed road