Car note, not to let speed road

Not to let speed road

When vehicles change lanes to your driveway,

This can be done when appropriate deceleration,

So that the car can change lanes success; even if the other party is unable to change lanes success,

Also do not to avoid,

Own lane change to another lane.

If this is done then the danger is to themselves,

So older drivers who believe in "Let's let-speed road"!

well! I summarize the teaching and training of car: make speed to keep track, will make way for the knife. Note that the right of way!

On the rings car accident encounter in front of a car parked in the (three lanes) middle road, right in the middle of your lane, you hit the right turn, the right lane after the car has been reduce speed, but then you rushing to the back of the car and line ......, in which case how they deal with? Thank you!

Slow down in advance, after watching the rearview mirror as the car has been ahead of the line and wait for traffic

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