Exposure weaving and leather seats which is more hot?

In addition to the common cooling methods online, how to choose when buying a car can avoid high temperature tortured? Cloth seats and leather chairs in the face of exposure and who heat up faster? Who cooling faster? How high can the temperature? Below for you to answer.

We choose this model is two Angkesaila, all new cars, leather chairs and cloth seats are factory assembled.

Open before the sun

First, the first to measure the temperature at two cars, which were two cars parked in the shade, not sun to sun, the temperature measured at the time of the original and there is no difference.

Weaving the left seat, the right to leather seats, the same below. Test locations are able to cushion the sun close to the central position of the sun, but because of the glare from the screen to see clear words such problems, so change the angle and position when shooting.

Start exposure

Identified as the initial temperature after the exposure to the sun.

While waiting, first check the temperature, the weather forecast shows the temperature of 35.5 degrees, although very hot, but not to the point where people hot melt. But when we test a little ground temperature, the show reached 50.6 degrees, when my heart a little upset the: Do not fall, or will burn!

After 15 minutes exposure

Southern summer sun really vicious, in just 15 minutes later, two car seats temperatures have risen almost 20 degrees, feels very hot, and then the temperature is higher than the leather seats of the fabric seat 3.2 degrees.

After 30 minutes exposure

It took another 15 minutes, the temperature began to narrow the gap between the two cars, leather seats only 0.7 degrees higher than the cloth seats. The temperature of sixty degrees of terrible than the sun's surface also has been hot, this time has absolutely no way to sit up straight.

Measured over heating rate, now to measure the cooling rate:

After three minutes of air conditioners

Both cars were open air-conditioning, open the inner loop, to the minimum temperature, air volume to maximum, shut the door again to measure the temperature of these two car seat three minutes later.

Some unexpected results, leather seats instead of the temperature even lower than weaving the seat by 1.6 degrees. Although this time more than half a degree is still relatively hot, but much better than sixty degrees of the just.

To verify the error is not caused because the air conditioning cooling effect, we also tested the air conditioning vent temperature, the outlet temperature of the leather seats of the vehicle but also a high degree of 0.9, so it will be more validated leather seats faster cooling conclusion .

to sum up

Temperature can be found from the comparison of fabric and leather, leather seats first 15 minutes heating up faster, the temperature difference after 15 minutes the leather and fabric began to shrink, or to leather seats overall temperature a little higher. Although leather seats heat up faster, but also cool faster. This is a general perception differ. However, because this is perforated leather seats, the air permeability of the fabric can be close to the seat, which may be one cause of the dermal fast heating and slow cooling.

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