Detailed auto glass repair

Today, this issue mainly for work experience in automotive glass, and is well known automotive glass is divided into two: one is for the front windshield of laminated glass; the other is for side windows and rear windshield tempered glass. The reason why this distinction is mainly taking into account the need to face the front windshield complex road, if tempered glass is easy because of the impact of local stone and become fragmented, tempered glass and laminated glass will not only effectively prevent local comparison the impact also has repairability, and therefore more suitable as a front windshield.

? Since the front windshield can be repaired, then all the wounds can repair it the answer is no, only the front windshield meets the following conditions is repairable:

1, depending on the location of the point break, it may fix whitish position in the glass, if it is not necessary in fight pitting or plastic, and other black areas of repair.

2, depends on breakage, and if there is a pattern extending in the main line of sight (driver's side) direct replacement recommendations in the glass, if not broken extension lines point few and small can be repaired, if there is a pattern but not extensible extending the main line of sight and can be done in less than 10 cm perforated dispensing arrestability.

Today I was invited to one of our glass repair technicians repair his damaged car, then we as the operating technician to look at the entire front windshield repair process it.

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