Experience the annual online booking

The masses can reserve a variety of ways, including the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau Online Vehicle Administration (hereinafter referred to as: Online Vehicle Administration) (URL: www.gzjd.gov.cn/cgs), Guangzhou police micro letter (micro-channel public account: GZJIAOJING ), a telephone hotline (116 114 Unicom's customer service phone, mobile customer service phone 12580). It is worth noting that from October 21, each vehicle security agencies will not accept non-appointment of a motor vehicle examined over the line of business, must apply for annual motor vehicle over the line must be booked in advance.

annual online booking process

1, landing in Guangzhou online Vehicle Administration (www.gzjd.gov.cn/cgs) or annual appointment Home (www.gzjd.gov.cn/vehinspection/html/index.html). Find the reservation entrance, regardless of whether the Internet Vehicle Administration registered users can handle.

2, after the input license plate number, vehicle type, owner identification four, four engine information.

3, enter the reservation phone number.

4, select the time examined, only choose the next 10 days.

5. Select your required annual inspection station, where you can also see whether the day with plenty of position.

6, the selection of a particular time period examined.

7, confirm the information.

8, make an appointment to get a receipt, you can choose to print or download receipt. At the same time the system will send reservation information to reserve your cell phone.


1, the reservation system of the service time of 5:30 am to 23:30 pm, only a reservation of the next 10 days annual business.

2, allowing only 90 days before the annual appointment expires.

3, if you want to cancel the reservation, one day apply in advance. If you do not apply for cancellation miss it more than three times will be blacklisted, is intended for re-appointment by the relevant lifted.

4, initial inspection as well as a re-examination of the opportunity to fail, such as the re-examination does not pass, then have to re-appointment.

5, after the reservation process and examined conventionally be adjusted, it is necessary to make an appointment with the serial number reported the detection station, and then examined in accordance with the arrangement.

Summary: The appointment procedure is quite simple, five minutes can be completed. Under the provisions of the reservation number, you can achieve efficient allocation of resources, so you do not get together in an inspection station, and also means that the owner can reduce the queuing.

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