Detailed ECU modification

Automobile body structure and in fact there are similarities, structural basis alone hardware engine, transmission, etc. is not running, it must rely on a rigorous electronic control system is available to complete a series of actions by the hardware system. It is like the human brain that controls limb action is a reason, and the car's brain, called the ECU, namely Engine Control Unit!

Original car in the hardware and software design of the engine, in addition to power output, also taking into account economic, practical, fuel consumption and more stringent emission standards, and therefore tends to balance on the ECU calibration and settings. At this time, in order to make the car more power, the most direct and effective means than a modified ECU. In recent years, this method greatly modified welcome owners, because in addition to direct and effective, but more important is the high cost, and it is impossible to detect from the outside.

ECU upgrade engine does not need to be modified

There are many brands of ECU modification methods: one is update directly via the facelift chip or by correspondence written by professional engineers to test a model course program; Another is to install the plug-in computer hardware, according to their own needs preparation and setup. Relative to the first software we modified the greatest advantage of plug-in computer is available for demand, supply high speed at any time, the ignition time. Its diverse features to make it into a modified car of choice for severe.

Now we have the ability to provide customers with tailor-set small computer program conversion shop. The main reason is that these can not be converted shop like a professional manufacturer ECU or professional racing teams, as adjusted by testing dynamometers and other specialized equipment, but only changed the actual test adjustment in the way he ran.

Want to get the most perfect power upgrade, precision-tuned critical

It is well known modified ECU will adjust the amount of fuel supply, ignition timing and other parameters of the turbine pressure, the fuel injection amount directly affects the air and fuel mixture. In theory, allow mixed combustion of oil and gas the most complete and thorough mixing ratio is 14.7, but in reality, this mixing ratio is changing, so the need for timely and correct analysis of the computers. Ignition timing is time to ignite the mixture of oil and gas.

Do not grease the tire bolts and nuts!