Car navigation maintenance

A tendency of electronic products is more and more simple operation, even a few little screen button will be able to complete the setup you want. However, the operation is simple does not mean you can treat sloppy, a little on the dim sum daily use and maintenance can greatly extend the life of navigation.

After 1. To follow this shutdown sequence: Close the page, and then shut down, and finally unplug it. Some owners of convenience, runs directly pull the plug, never shut down, this is easy, but a long time is easy to damage electronic components.

2. Before use, the three best charging machine 10 hours, so that the battery storage capacity to maximize it.

3. to start the car, after inserting the cigarette lighter power supply. After the navigation unplug the cigarette lighter, and then plug the next launch vehicle, which will help protect the machine battery, extending battery life.

4. Do not let the navigation screen in contact with sharp objects.

The portable navigation not a long time on sun exposure, large temperature difference not only affect the navigation of battery life, but also affect the touch sensitivity of the LCD screen. After using the best it up, do not put on board a conspicuous location, so as not to provoke the thief.

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