ECO This function is only a small part of the owners will use!

Now available in parts of the car are equipped with ECO function, at first often seen on Japanese cars, it is now popular. However, the role and function of this feature a lot of riders are not very clear, except that he can environmentally friendly fuel-efficient, and here we take a look at me.

ECO mode actually works is very simple, on-board computer will make the appropriate adjustments to the operating system after the vehicle is turned on.

Adjustment Description:

1, the throttle opening is small, so as to achieve the purpose of fuel, the throttle valve opening is mainly controlled fuel injection, so that when the driver stepped on the accelerator to feel the feeling of delay or change sink.

2, the transmission will upshift faster than normal driving mode.

3, ECO will also air-conditioned and some models make adjustments, reducing the load on the engine.

ECO mode driving the vehicle have automatic transmission gear, vehicle speed, engine speed, braking, and transmission oil temperature is determined to make a comprehensive analysis on the impact of the fuel component will be included in the adjustment range. Then calculate the most fuel-efficient mode by the control unit ECU to the engine oil, it will save a lot more than the normal mode, so as to achieve the purpose of fuel.

ECO mode but in some cases will not work, for example: no manual control and the idle stop mode, there is the case where the required output torque, the ECU control unit will have priority to ensure sufficient power for driving the vehicle.

ECO mode in the end can not fuel-efficient?