Car phone will play is how to punish?

Many car drivers have the habit of playing phone, which is very dangerous behavior during driving, traffic police this zero tolerance, car phone how to play penalty points it?

At 13:30 on February 28, a white cloud Xiali sedan traveling north to south in the Yuquan Road area, leased vehicle driver found in front of a pit, then immediately hit the brakes slow down, just listen to "bang" of a sound, Charade the tail of the car was a black Audi car hit a bit. Xiali car driver hurried to get off the view, was surprised to find the young Audi driver calmly, his hands are busy on the phone screen.

Yesterday 8:00, a north to south like a snake moving slowly in the cylinder on the road, this is not a normal phenomenon, caused the attention of police on patrol, and law enforcement records tracking shot with evidence. In front of the intersection, the traffic police to be "invited" to get off the face of law enforcement records on his car phone to play the shot, the driver Hwang had to accept the punishment a fine of 50 yuan deducted 2 points.

City traffic control detachment of police on duty battalion Yuquan District Description: driving a motor vehicle on the way, the driver and receive calls, play micro letter and other acts that can lead the driver to attend to the front of the line of sight, known as the "blind driving", "driving blind" in the current road traffic accidents have been the first place. Some motorists driving down the road, do not put safety first, feel free to call, a telephone connection at any time, or playing games while driving and micro-letters. Some drivers also know that driving a cell phone may cause a traffic accident, but always take chances, that he drove a good technology, and occasionally receive calls no problem, this is a big risk of causing a traffic accident, It must not be taken lightly.

When the first two days 1:00 and more, Gulou District Wei cool Gate Avenue and North Road intersection, the brother Zhou master driving a red light, a red BMW X6 suddenly appeared. After severing its number of sections fence, head rushing to the taxi, and the top 56 meters. After the car completely stopped, week saw the master of shock, BMW car down a male driver. He ran again and again apologized and said driving play phone, inattentive out of control.

Prior to the incident, Zhou master driving under the cool Gate Bridge, all the way west, ready to turn left on North dike road. Seeing the approaching intersection, red light, he slowed down. At this point, the accident happened. "A BMW car rushed over, scared me." Yesterday afternoon, mention that moment, Zhou master still haunt.

He said that BMW was just cool Gate Avenue, turn right on the road from the north dike, there is no red light, but the speed is not slow. After severing its continuous middle of the road section forty-five fence and did not stop, but rushed to the taxi. Master Zhou had no time to escape, it was abruptly stand up, retreated 56 meters came to a halt. "Fortunately, no stepping on the brake, otherwise the consequences serious."

Reporters on the scene, severing the fence scattered on the ground, BMW has crossed the fence, parked on the oncoming lane, the front is a taxi. The two vehicles are subject to varying degrees of head injury, bumper fall off. Fortunately, the accident caused no casualties.

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