Do you know this car six hidden life-saving feature?

Automotive design when, in order to use the space as much as possible, a lot of useful little feature is indeed very subtle, but many of them very effective but humane, people will know a lot easier, even critical moment can also help. I take everyone to know about car features six large hidden.

1, automatic headlights

If the control lever has in the light "AUTO" words, that you car equipped with an automatic headlight function. Automatic headlights sensor can sense changes in ambient light, if the light is automatically dimmed headlights turned on, improve traffic safety. If you forget to turn off automatic headlights parking, unplug the car keys will automatically turn off the feature.

2, the belt can be adjusted

For different height and stature of the driver seat belt is most vehicle height can be adjusted, the adjusting means on both sides of the B-pillar. Typically, the higher the height of the driver can snap to increase, partial short height of the driver can be appropriately adjusted downward.

3, front passenger airbag switch function

When the switch is set off again the co-pilot airbag mounted in the center console or the rightmost glovebox, the switch itself may open front airbag front passenger airbag when a person sitting in the passenger according to the actual situation, nobody sitting . When people avoid the collision did not occur in the seat "waste" out of an air bag.

4, child safety locks

For children of drivers, child safety lock is very practical, after lock the doors from inside is not open, can effectively avoid the occurrence of child car door by mistake.

5, the switch can turn off the window

After the vehicle is turned off we did not find four windows and sunroof closed, close the window after this time careless owners had to re-ignition. In fact need not trouble, as long as the press and lock the car key for a few seconds, four windows will automatically rise, sunroof will automatically shut down, press the unlock button for a few seconds, the window will automatically lowered sunroof also will open, press the trunk lock (some cars are double-tap) can also open the trunk lid.

6, the trunk can also emergency escape

Car accidentally fall into the water, in addition to Za Boli and can open the door to escape, the trunk can escape. Step: to move back from the front, down rear seat back, empty the trunk article, the lying face up, the front of the seat back with the pedal, will slide into the trunk of the body, using emergency escape tab, you can escape!

As the saying goes, often the scourge of accumulation in the micro suddenly, all safety equipment have limits, the most fundamental safety device is actually a driver's safety awareness!

Vehicle inspection new regulations: vehicle inspection overdue three cycles, direct mandatory retirement!