Vehicle inspection new regulations: vehicle inspection overdue three cycles, direct mandatory retirement!

Many riders have experienced vehicle inspection, vehicle inspection is a troublesome thing, only to have to pay a waste of time. Since the condition and other issues, some vehicles could not pass vehicle inspection, ultimately, was forcibly scrapped.

But if you do not find it troublesome vehicle inspection

The emergence of new regulations may lead to fine points

Serious or even directly mandatory retirement

Together we look at one of the main points

3 cycles, not for three consecutive years

New rules: a motor vehicle registered after the expiry of inspection, no motor vehicle inspection marks within 3 consecutive motor vehicle inspection cycle, it should be mandatory retirement.

Here the three cycles, not three years. Depending on the model, vehicle inspection cycle is different. Such as private cars, used for the first six years of the biennial inspection, 7 to 15 years, once a year, 15 years after the six months.

No car life, scrap embodiment the guide

New regulations: small, miniature non-commercial passenger vehicles, large non-operating cars, special wheeled mechanical vehicles without service life limit.

This means that ordinary life of private cars without restrictions. However, to reach 600,000 km mileage of private cars, new regulations guide scrapped cars can be handed life vehicle recycling dismantling enterprises.

Buy 1 year to scrap the car, had not households

New rules: the useful life of less than 1 year (including 1 year) of a motor vehicle, shall not change the nature of the use, transfer of ownership or transfer out municipal administrative area of ??registration belongs to.

Interpretation: This means that the car will be scrapped within a year, can not transfer. In particular, to remind the public to prepare the sale of a used car, be sure to pay attention to the useful life of the vehicle, so as not to not transfer, resulting in unnecessary trouble.

If the driver abandoned the vehicle will be seized

The new regulation: mandatory retirement vehicle shall, in addition to the above-mentioned "test valid after the expiration of no motor vehicle inspection marks within 3 consecutive motor vehicle inspection cycle", there reaches a predetermined useful life of the vehicle and repaired, adjusted vehicle not meet the relevant requirements should also be mandatory retirement.

According to relevant laws and regulations of traffic, driving on the road has reached the standard retirement vehicle, will be fined 1,000 yuan, and impose a suspension of driving license, the vehicle will also be seized and forced retirement.

Late on the road how to do?

From the first day overdue vehicle, no vehicle inspection have been punished if the road traffic police will be deducted three points and fined 200 yuan, serious and even detained the car. And not during the vehicle inspection, if the vehicle is involved in an automobile accident, the insurance company is entitled to refuse compensation.

In fact, in addition to vehicle inspection, which examined the link it is also essential, vehicle inspection for vehicle inspection, and then examined for human health audit, if the state of health failing, will also affect the year trial results, especially for B1, A1 license these carts, and more stringent review.

I remind:

Expired inspection as soon as possible

avoid unnecessary trouble!

Vehicle distance detection artifacts came from a high-speed car less than 100 meters fined 200