Do not use ice winter window open irrigated

Rain and snow frequent visits, making the snow days how to conserve your car become a problem owners must now face. Some owners believe the window ice with hot water pouring, de-icing the fastest; some owners believe that just having snow chains on which wheels will do; some owners of the car after snow turning a blind eye, because these are not the result of a blind eye ...... appropriate treatment, to the car caused the damage or light or heavy, let's take a look at these mistakes owners place, beating warning.

Misunderstanding: Take icing windows open irrigated

Ms. Xu owners of automobile maintenance "know nothing", admitted that he is a "rookie" In this context, it is not, she would have done this under the snow back to folly. Snow, night, and morning Miss Xu found his car difficult to remove body was covered with ice and snow, edgy take it for granted she fetched a bucket of hot water, a hot bath to the car that you can drive away the cold but I do not know when, suddenly burst the car's windshield.

Tips: some of them are decorative automotive beauty shop told reporters, to de-icing, you can start the engine, turn on the car heater, car glass special shovel with snow and ice from the ice cracks between the slowly eradicate. If you take the car to the snow after a hot shower practices, it is the destruction of the car, because sudden temperature changes can damage the paint, it gradually lost luster, and the vehicle's windshield may also be pouring in hot water the burst. After washing the snow nor can direct rinse with cold water, especially after the engine is warming up, the front of the car high temperature, with cold water can cause rapid cooling, it is detrimental to the surface of the paint. At this point the right way is to wash, start the car and turn on the car heater system, then use warm water clean the car. After rinsing the doors should open dry water stains, to prevent the residual water from freezing door. Do not force the windows were frozen switches, especially power windows.

Solutions: The reason glass ice is that after people leave the car, the car still remained hot, so that the temperature outside the car than the car glass, melting the snow first falls on the glass when, in the process of melting, the temperature inside the vehicle is gradually reduced to the same outside of the vehicle when the glass melting snow began to freeze; snow on icy and then melted down is no longer, as the ice cover as quilts. Morning, snow easier on the glass, broom swept away on the line, the most worry is below that layer of ice. By observing and analyzing, snow, you can try to run out after a day in the car, not immediately leave the car locked, but the door will be open on both sides of ventilation, such as the temperature dropped and the car outside the car about the same time, turn on the power, with a wiper snow remaining on the brush clean the windshield, then shut the door again, locked car. The next morning, as long as the snow on the windshield swept away, no ice below the snow, it can immediately driving down the road.

Myth: After the untimely snow car wash

Encountered rain and snow, the owner of Mr. Lee always used to wait until the weather cleared after a thorough washing, "but also snow days, waiting for the wash fine, or else had just finished washing the car, if we do not have snow . wash your "so encountered several days of bad weather, washing things will be delayed, but a result of this so very sorry Mr. Lee: wait until the car wash, but found paintwork shiny as before a.

For this master Zhang said, after washing the snow must be timely, even though the weather forecast will be snowing the next few days, do not drag not wash. As long as the snow covered, snow will soon be washed away with water. Snow contain corrosive ingredients, whether it is paint, chassis or tires, wheels, long-term damage will be covered with snow. In addition, open-air car wash, it is easy to clean water coming down keyhole, this time due to the cold weather after the snow, are particularly vulnerable to the frozen lock cylinder. So before the car wash, the best use tape to stick the keyhole to prevent the ingress of water. With washing machine washing, uniform mist, the door was frozen opportunity is relatively small. If frozen, burned with a lighter look at the keys, you can easily open the frozen lock.

Solutions: If the predicted snow, but the vehicle had to be parked outside at night, you can prepare newspaper or plastic film covering the vehicle body, and even prepared a set of sewing.

So long as the newspapers the next day gently expose, shake off the snow and ice all down the vehicle not seen traces of snow and ice, it no longer frequent washing.

Myth: rain and snow in the evening handbrake tension

Because of the snow so that the road is icy, he had parked the car at night in their own small area, to prevent slip car, he deliberately tighten the handbrake, drive the results the next day when they found the car up as it used to light up , sensitive throttle response as before, speed is also a bit slow, but speed can only be maintained at 80 to 100 km/h, more than 100 kilometers per hour if the car began to tremble. He will open to vehicle repair service station inspection discovered that the handbrake is being frozen due.

Solutions: After rain and snow, there will be snow on the brake disc, evening parking if the hand brake disc may be frozen on the next day morning. If the owners of long-stay parking in the rain or snow in the evening, it is best to park on a level road, the car hanging on gear, while looking for support vehicles fixed, so you can avoid being frozen brake disc.

Myth: tire chain can easily install

"Snow, the road was slippery because of snow, I look at other people's cars are fitted with snow chains, would like to ask, What are the requirements to buy snow chains." Lee recently the owners telephone call to reporters, hoping to look at what to pay attention to the use of snow chains.

Solutions: Master Zhang decorative automotive beauty shop, said, first make sure your car is front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive, because the chain must be installed on that play a major role set of tires. Automatic car should be noted in particular, on the two front wheels (rear wheels) mounted on tire chains simultaneously, not only a snow chain on a wheel, it is easy to damage the automatic transmission. In addition, anti-skid chain is limited in size, respectively, for different wheel size and tire width, and be selected to match the size of the wheel anti-skid chains. After installing snow chains, travel speed is generally not more than 50 kilometers per hour, while driving, avoid braking, forward urgent, sharp turns and continuous idling behavior. Ice and snow in the non-driving, and the material to avoid walking on a bad road with a dry road surface of the razor, when the vehicle enters a road surface without the use of anti-skid chain to be lifted in a timely manner.

Myth: wipers frozen hard start

"After the snow, the temperature is really low ah, my car parked in the open spaces, when you start in the morning, found ice on the window, I simply wipe a bit later, they opened the wipers." Just buy a car soon Chow opened wipers hard to start, because I did not expect wipers are frozen stick to the window glass, tough wipers turn on the result of damage to the wiper motor.

Solutions: Winter cold weather before using the wipers, first check whether the blade has been frozen on the window. If you find out early in the morning wipers are stuck in snow or due to frost on the windshield, then, do not rinse with hot water directly, so easy to make windows burst due to temperature changes, wiper deformation. The correct way is to open the air conditioning to hot, dry mode rotated to "windshield" block, and soon afterwards naturalized wipers will open. Simple effort, the wiper blade will not produce physical damage. In addition, when the snow for a long time to stop wipers stand up, to prevent frozen wipers.

Window glass small details are important!