Detailed automotive air conditioning use

Winter car air conditioner how to use?

Winter air conditioning is a "nuisance", opened a long time but could not come warm air so that owners complain really unbearable, blowing more cold; and when the warm air will feel very dry after a long, boring car covered unhappy, how warm it should use?

Speaking in front of the open heater really makes "entangled" In fact, it will not set up correctly trouble, first of all is the wind, we all know cold air sinks, heat rises this principle, we also need to follow when using the air conditioning, so warm wind the best position to blow our feet, so you drive will not look so hot, of course, the most important point, all air-conditioned wind is not blowing in their faces.

You would certainly say that the higher the temperature, the better you, in fact not the case, excessive cabin air temperature really does make rapid warming, but higher temperatures will slow driver reaction, so that passengers in the car will feel discomfort. In addition we closed the windows in winter driving may be, this is not good, the driver should always frequent air conditioner to cycle through open windows or gaps convection.

Rain automotive air conditioning how to use?

I believe that many owners hate the rain, just rain wash my car immediately, and the other may be sick of the window glass, often a layer of fog. This situation occurs mostly in the winter, rain, fog reason is because the interior temperature higher than the outside temperature, drops of water freezes on the glass surface. And it is the solution to prepare a towel, we often see that bus drivers do have time to wipe the fog, but you know this is an impact on traffic safety.

Car window defogging fastest way is to let air convection, but this method is not all cases can be used, such as when it rains can not. Our automotive air conditioning and warm air and cold air are OK, for the rain, the cold air blowing straight to open the front windshield, so that cold air is blown onto the glass mist will soon make a casual but, very quickly and very direct effect, but the passengers would not do anything about the exposure to cold; the use of warm air demisting there is a disadvantage, just turn on the heater, white mist on the car glass will be more, take some time to bear fruit. There are also some defogging agent or something like that, where we will not say more.

Manual and automatic air conditioning usage model also different, manual air conditioning is screwed onto the front windshield defogging mode, transfer large wind speed, and blowing the windshield requires greater speed, then open the A/C switch to the minimum air-conditioning temperature is adjusted , after opening the outlet air flow demisting mode on the control panel will be reduced, most of the air flow are blown out through the front windshield to form a defogging effect; integrated automatic air conditioning front and rear windshield defogging mode, the front windshield. Windows use cold air, warm air demisting, rear windshield demisting the use of electric heating wire, open the front windshield defogging mode automatically when the air conditioning is turned on, it is time you need to adjust the air volume and temperature.

City traffic jam air conditioning how to use?

Big city traffic every day that makes you go crazy, all the way to the red light, horn. But you might ask, would a traffic light time required air-conditioning duct What thing? Because most owners are driving in the city, so to remind owners in the evening peak period traffic jam roads, especially in tunnels, should be used within a loop. And when the vehicle travels fast road or highway, the outer loop should open state, and often switching mode.

Mode switching cycles are set on the air conditioner panel, each of the common external circulation for a key, the owner can easily switch, while some are external circulation together, indicator light is circulating, the outer loop is OFF, some mode or lever is equipped with an automatic switching mode.

The closed loop mode is a gas flow passage inside and outside the car, does not open air circulation fan, the suction fan when the air flow is only open from the vehicle, the vehicle interior air circulation is formed; outer loop mode using the air outside the vehicle fan drawn into the car, that is to say outside the vehicle and the vehicle airway flow is fan air from the exterior of play, even if the fan is not open, the vehicle is still traveling airflow sucked into the car, the car fresh supplemental air.

Air-conditioned car to rest how to use?

That we all have experienced, sometimes in the car for a long time or a long time, who would choose to air conditioning in the car rest or sleep, but for this practice, we do not advocate, because you will never accidentally "sleep in the past "and it may not be a joke. First, vehicle exhaust carbon monoxide is likely to enter the car through the air inlet of the air conditioning system, but this time the car is a confined space, over time, gradually reduce the oxygen inside the car, the occupants will be unwittingly poisoning and loss of consciousness, severe life will lose, so I believe we all know the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, right?

If it is really a last resort to rest in the car, then, the following methods can be used ...... but chubby monarch is recommended that you do not break again in the car.

Certainly bear the brunt of the first window, but taking into account security issues, the owner can open the window a crack can play the role of air flow, and the other vehicle with a sunroof if you then skylight is also a good way to open, in addition to open outer loop mode, the air flow inside the vehicle kept in circulation. Finally, some selected open spaces, here to teach you not to stop to no man's land, remember do not stop to stop the garage, where air circulation is poor, even if you open the window to stop there is not safe.

Automotive air-conditioning in summer how to use?

Summer weather is a nightmare for you car owners, already hot, plus the rear compartment after exposure to exposure temperatures soar badly, generally up to about 60-70 degrees, which is simply a barbecue mode ah ...... many of my friends on the bus immediately after the air-conditioning temperature down, transfer large amount of wind, in fact, this time the interior temperature drops very very slow, you have to rely on estimates to feel a little cool in the air outlet.

In fact, the correct approach is to open all the windows and use air conditioning in the car outside the loop mode of hot air "forced" out, open the window a few minutes and then turn off the refrigeration, such rapid cooling effect, better than you are driving winds also sweating profusely.

Of course, we also heard on the Internet with a method whirl door, but have to be so hot you think to brandish the door it? And some advanced models equipped with remote start the vehicle, there is no need to be so complicated, exemption can also suffer the impact of heat waves, simply start the car before driving distance in five minutes, when the car would not have done much of.

Sometimes you may feel the air conditioning for so long how no wind, it is possible that you did not open the mouth of air conditioning; Also be careful not to blindly covet cool summer, the inside and outside air temperature is very low tone interior, car easily lead to huge temperature difference between cold air conditioning and even disease, is to choose the right way to blow obliquely upward, so that the use of hot air rising air-drop rule, so that the cold air to cool the car from top to bottom, the cooling effect is the best.

Summary: automotive air conditioning knobs to get a few keystrokes operation looks on, in fact, use them or pay attention to, with a good for the driver and vehicle are good, really good with fatal possible. Also different seasons is also important for the maintenance of the air conditioning system, we will not burden here, more questions about air conditioning we will give us a detailed answer in subsequent recognition car series.

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