Do not grease the tire bolts and nuts!

Car there will always be some small problems in life, and vehicle maintenance is a technology live, where during maintenance should be noted that there are many, but some problems in the car owners, like their first hands-on treatment, but because not a professional maintenance staff, in the process of repair will often use some means to deal with the wrong repair their cars, which often leads to injury plus injury on his car, here are some common editing errors vehicle maintenance.

Do not oiled bolts and nuts to the tires

Wheel maintenance, a small number of private car owners in order to prevent rusting bolts on the wheel nut, bolt and nut ingenuity will have greased the installation, not knowing that this approach is not only wrong, but also bring some risks to road safety. After tightening bolts and nuts, are at a self-locking properties. Lubricate the rear, self-locking between the two coefficients becomes small, self-locking performance. When the car at high speed, it is easy to loose bolts and nuts and even fall off, causing traffic accidents.

Do not rinse the body

Internal Summer, common private owners while the body wash with water, wipe with a cloth while, like to remind private car owners is: internal body is best not to use water rinse. Because the cab floor pad below is not a "level ground" on the need to structure the cab floor pad below the groove, the through-hole very much. After washing with water, drying or easily deposited within the groove, or rust flows from the through holes of the member on the gearbox. Particularly preferred sealing performance cars not to direct wash water inside of the vehicle body. The correct way is to wipe with a damp cloth, but avoid stagnant water.

Different brands of coolant do not mix

Everyone knows that when insufficient time to add engine coolant, but if you put a different brand of coolant temperature with the use of it? If so, advise you as early as possible to let go of the coolant, re-add the same brand of coolant. Because different brands of cooling liquid which may be differences between the chemical properties, such as effective preservatives ferrous metals, often corrosive to aluminum products; as applied to the aluminum alloy ferroalloy harmful preservatives. Because different brands of cooling liquid used in the preservative, it can not be mixed.

Do not step on the gas when the car starts EFI

Before starting the engine kicks step on the accelerator, it is the habit of many drivers, especially in the winter cold start. However, this method is not suitable for starting the EFI cars. Engine is equipped with electronically controlled fuel injection device is different from an ordinary carburetor engine, the fuel injection control apparatus that can, automatically adjust the operating conditions of the engine fuel supply amount according to the temperature, so that a smooth start of the engine, i.e. the cold start, fuel injection control means can automatically increase the amount of oil. So, EFI car engine start, there is no need to step on the gas, not consecutive slam before the start, but otherwise the engine start-up failure.

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