Automobile brake pads self-test method

Today, in addition to the car is a simple means of transport, but also a lot of people's life partner, many of my friends like to play car wondering cars in his spare time. There are even some friends do not understand the car, but also hope to get more knowledge of the car through the car experience, use this knowledge to check their vehicles in the future we will continue to bring some vehicles self-tips, first look today brake self-test sheet.

Self-test tips hope that through some simple self-test whatever method of presentation, so that owners can not even replace or repair it yourself, but also more timely understanding of vehicle information, without being able to get a professional inspection at any time, to check their own judgment and small vehicles methodological issues.

Brake pads and brake discs are two parts of this paper is to explain the brakes, brake pads need to be replaced regularly, but does not appear under brakes in case of damage, everyday use does not require replacement.

When the brake pads need to be replaced?

Method 1: See thickness

A new brake pad thickness is generally about 1.5cm, with the use of constant friction in thickness gradually thinner. Professional technical staff recommended, when the thickness of the brake pad has been visually observed remaining 1/3 of the original thickness (about 0.5cm) or so, the owner will increase the frequency of the self-test, ready to be replaced. Of course, since the individual models wheel design reasons, do not have the eye see the conditions required to complete removing the tire.

Flag both sides of each brake pad has a projection, the thickness of the mark is about twenty-three mm, which is the thinnest limit replacement brakes, if the thickness of the brake pads has parallel to this flag, it must be replaced. Therefore, when the thickness of the brake pad close when this flag, the owner must always observe the preparation, but is difficult to accurately visually observed without disassembling the tire, that many of the models in the brakes when the instrument is too thin there will be a position lamp handbrake It suggests, it is relatively convenient self-test.

Tips: brake pads car and driving habits are not strictly environmental change intervals, usually traveling about sixty thousand kilometers would consider changing according to. When visually observed skill should be required when the brakes during maintenance inspection thin, because there is an error would have been visually observed, professional service station was visually observed by caliper more stringent than the number.

Method 2: Listen to the sound

If accompanied by "Iron Iron rub" while tapping the brakes of sibilance, when brake pads must be replaced immediately. Since the limit has been identified on both sides of the brake pads direct friction brakes, brake pads proof limit has been exceeded. In such cases, often the brakes have been damaged while replacing the brake pads to cooperate with the inspection of brakes, the sound appeared, this time even if the replacement of the brake pads still can not eliminate the noise, serious need to replace the brakes .

Tips: When the brakes have heard the sound often is late, then brakes more or less damaged. Brake disc brake pads than the price much higher, it is recommended that you frequently check brake pads, brake discs to avoid damaging things occur.

Method 3: feel the intensity

When the brake pads thinning our braking effect will be affected at this time need a deeper brake pedal in order to achieve the original light step can achieve the braking effect, the braking effect of the first half decreased significantly, many people feel their brake soft, not brake a little bit, then you must check whether the check brake pads need to be replaced.

Tips: This method is relatively abstract, seat of your pants may be some good grasp, and therefore develop a good habit of self-important. Further reducing the braking effect will lead to increased brake fluid consumed, while the replacement of brake pads to focus the inspection brake oil.

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