DIY hand-stitched steering wheel cover tutorial

Now many of my friends like to decorate their car to do something, such as a steering wheel mounted to a nice steering wheel cover, car steering wheel if you feel too fine, feel good and other reasons, want to install a steering wheel cover, then try hand-stitched steering wheel cover. Today's DIY-yourself series, we'll describe how to install hand-stitched steering wheel cover.

Why install steering wheel cover?

Recently, we have editorial Li Yiwen students are troubles in the car always felt his original steering wheel does not look on the grade, while the use of touch is not good, so the improved method to me for help, I recommend the installation of a hand-stitched her leather steering wheel cover, may have a friend asked me why I recommend hand-stitched steering wheel cover do I have the following reasons?:

1 with respect to the sleeve directly on the steering wheel of the kind of cover, such slits steering wheel cover on the steering wheel more firmly.

2. Some of the original steering wheel relatively small, the installation of a hand-stitched leather steering wheel cover can solve this problem.

3. Many of my friends feel the plastic steering wheel feels good, and easy to hand slip situation appears, there are a lot of hand-stitched steering wheel cover with non-slip design can improve steering feel, and can prevent the hand sliding.

4. Some models of the steering wheel is leather or wood trim, if not careful easily scratched or worn, after the installation of steering wheel cover, can also protect the original steering wheel from harm.

5. Li Yiwen students such as the Swift factory steering wheel is not beautiful, the installation of a pretty durable leather steering wheel cover, steering wheel not only to become beautiful, a sense of quality also improved a lot.

We just work Hover car steering wheel wear is also more serious, I'm ready to sew also a Harvard steering wheel steering wheel cover to improve the look of its appearance.

Why it-yourself installation of hand-stitched steering wheel cover?

Many of my friends feel so troublesome thing to spend a little money can get, so why have to do it yourself? I would think myself sewing steering wheel cover is not too high technical content of this job can be our own to do, both to understand the vehicle the situation, they can experience the fun of yourself, you can also bring satisfaction to yourself, why not do it?

How to choose?

At present hand-stitched steering wheel cover is divided into two, one is Dedicated car can be wrapped steering wheel spokes, the steering wheel cover more expensive, sewing up more trouble, but after sew more beautiful, more a sense of quality high; the other is universal, but not only wrap wrapped steering wheel spokes, steering wheel cover which is relatively inexpensive, it is also relatively simple sewing, but no specific car type appearance, there is no layering dedicated car height of.

Both hand-stitched steering wheel cover online or Auto City can be found, Dedicated car steering wheel cover in terms of price generally about 150-300 yuan, while the price of universal steering wheel cover is usually about 40-150 yuan, we you can choose according to their preferences and requirements.

In order to compare the two hand-stitched steering wheel cover effect, we are ready to install dedicated car steering wheel cover to Swift Li Yiwen students in the online purchase price is 226 yuan; In addition, we have chosen the universal steering wheel cover to Harvard, in Auto Parts City purchase price is 100 yuan, plus the owner to help make time charge for the installation of a total of 150 yuan.

need tools

Universal steering wheel cover installation tool required is very simple, as long as the needle, thread and a small pair of scissors is enough; the installation tool Dedicated car steering wheel cover required in addition to the three kinds of tools mentioned earlier, but also double-sided tape and a disused bank card or similar card on the line.

It should be noted that the current steering wheel cover to buy on the market itself comes with a needle and thread, do we all purchased separately, and this steering wheel cover sewing thread cotton clothes with ordinary home sewing is not the same, it is thicker nylon line, very strong and durable, easy to break may not occur; and this is also a professional needle and needle home with not the same, its needle nose is relatively large, easy to penetrate the thick nylon thread, needles also relatively blunt, hand punctured situation does not occur.


Came Auto Parts City, we chose a suitable Hafer universal hand-stitched steering wheel cover. In order to experience the hardest-stitched steering wheel cover car-specific type, very confident of their own ability, I decided to sew Swift steering wheel cover, allowing the owner to sew relatively simple universal steering wheel cover, before I make a start up colleagues count a little while, look at two sets each wheel prolific need time to sew, a start time of 14:12.

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