Cracks appear automotive glass repair method

I often see more of a pit on the windshield of the car with some friends around, or more than a crack, this problem is hesitant to run a high speed when the child hit a small stone thrown caused. So, in which case how to do it? How to fix?

In fact, for this glass is damaged it can be called glass repair technology to the glass filled with potholes, repairing flat. Is for the front windshield cracks and drop out of the pit, the resin material used to fill the fill up, and then irradiated with ultraviolet light, cured. We can imagine fillings, the principles are similar.

However, this technology is only for the repair of the front windshield, and left and right side windows and rear windshield are not repaired. Because the left and right and the rear window glass is tempered glass windshield glass material, generally little stones to this, as long as crushing, is that large particles.

Although the front windshield can be repaired, but not all of the damage can be repaired, if the cracks and pits too much, more than half the size of a thumb, then it is very difficult to repair. So I prompted car owners, driving the process to go as far as possible a better traffic route, or the principles contained in the large gravel truck, after all, was drawn to a glass or punched a small hole, you had to spend money to repair.

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