Common engine idle problem

Automotive engine idle speed value falls below or exceeds a predetermined range, stage stall, speed instability and other phenomena occur. Today, we introduce common fault the engine is idling.

1, idle instability how to do?

Rough idle as follows: when the idling operation of the engine shaking, non-uniform speed. The causes are: an idle air amount clogging, poor idling device is operated, individual cylinder a spark plug is too weak, individual Mifengbuyan valve, an intake manifold leak, early or late ignition timing, improper adjustment of idling. When the engine idles, idle speed adjustment should first, after the idling adjustment does not eliminate the fault should be checked whether the pilot jet and the idle air amount clogging, such as the amount of clogging, gasoline or acetone can be used and washed through with compressed air; the orifice is not clogged, the engine speed should be stable at a certain speed, intake manifold listen to police or the carburetor gasket leaks at the lower portion, such as air leak occurs, the fastening screw can be used or added, Save method to exclude pad. The idle instability phenomenon accompanied by decreased engine power, operation of the spark plug should be further examination, the sealing performance of the valve and the ignition timing is correct, when necessary, for maintenance, adjustments.

2, how to determine the idle poor?

A working engine, to be able to operate at a uniform speed range 300-500r/min of. If you exceed this minimum steady speed engine speed range, or engine speed range occurs in this stall, speed instability, that is no idle or idle poor. When the idle poor, according to the characteristics of the failure will be divided into idling stop, idle and idle speed is too high. The engine start, from low to high when the work well, but a flame immediately after the accelerator pedal is released, or to unstable operation flame turn, was idling stop fault. The uneven engine idling, the exhaust pipe issuing "sudden, sudden" sound is generally unstable idle fault. The minimum steady speed of the engine is higher than a predetermined range, and because they can not make this speed is reduced, compared to high idle or non-idle fault.

3, how to adjust the idle speed?

Adjusting the idle operation, the engine must be carried out at normal temperature, the appropriate valve clearance, the ignition system is normal, good sealing each conduit, the choke is fully opened, the throttle valve can be closed tight like a normal condition. When adjusting, first unscrew the throttle opening degree adjustment screw, so that the engine reaches a minimum steady speed. Followed by a screwdriver into the idle adjustment screw, when the engine is about to stall, then slowly unscrew the idle adjustment screw, and a stable operation of the engine reaches a high speed. Then the throttle opening degree adjustment screw screwed out the old engine speed can be reduced to a minimum. Then adjust the idle adjustment screw, so that the engine speed increases. This is repeated until the minimum throttle opening, engine running at the lowest speed stability. Finally, increasing the speed and abruptly closing the throttle, the engine does not stall preferably still turning.

4, idling stop how to do?

When the engine is idling, idling first adjusted according to actual situation. After the adjustment, such as the fault disappears, that is, the idle screw to adjust properly. After the adjustment, such as the fault can not disappear, the throttle opening may be larger, to keep the engine running, with other cotton or paper check carburetor, an intake manifold gasket for leaks, if not leak, separable checking the idle jet, and also through the idle blow oil passage, and then refitted test, this time as the fault disappears, indicating that the pilot jet and the idle oil duct blockage. For carburetor with idle shutoff valve, shutoff valve should also check the idle solenoid circuit is normal, if the circuit is abnormal due to electromagnetic coil caused by an idle fuel jet blocked, then deal with the idle stop valve repair.

5, idling too high how to do?

Excessive engine idling, the engine to be started, the throttle control arm and hand, the throttle valve closed. So when the normal idle speed, the throttle was too soft extension spring, tension spring should be replaced. The manually closing the throttle control is not valid, check whether the throttle shaft Songkuang is tight or closed throttle as the throttle shaft throttle closed or lax Songkuang should dressing; throttle as normal, check whether the throttle slightly below the leak, if any should eliminate air leakage, if no further adjustments to deal with idling, idling until the appropriate date.

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