13 Fall Car Care Guide

Autumn is an important vehicle for the training period, not only for damage caused during the summer months to repair, and operating environment for the harsh winter coming to prepare.

13 Fall will do vehicle maintenance guide:

1, body paint maintenance: If the body has obvious scratches, should be done in time outside the paint treatment. The role of paint is not only beautiful, it is more important to have a rust-proof function. Summer is the rainy season, rain water containing acid rain, combined with the strong summer sunlight can cause corrosion and oxidation of the paint. The body must be cleaned select the actual situation, polishing wax to the other, sealing the glaze or coating.

2, tire maintenance: summer because of high temperatures, tire gas generally can not play too full. Fall is not the case, due to the relatively low temperatures, tire pressure should add to the specified range. At the same time, it should also check the tire if there is obvious trauma, scratches and so on. Autumn and winter relatively brittle hard rubber, not only reduces the coefficient of friction, is also easier to leak, punctures.

3, the nacelle detection: including oil, the direction of oil, brake fluid and antifreeze detected.

4, brake system detecting: Note that the amount of brake fluid is enough, if the quality deterioration in time when the need to add or replace the injection, while the presence or absence of a brake weaker note, meandering, manufactured by pedaling the brake pedal and the intensity of when the movable wheel lock position of the point, the line portion of the entire brake system to clean up if necessary.

5, ignition system test: whether the vehicle ignition system maintenance related to start, so check carefully plug the site to see if rust. Once rust, it is necessary to use professional cleaning agent treatment.

6 maintenance, charging system: To check whether the alternator belt has focused on aging in hot weather after the rainy season or under the burning sun or cracking occurs. If this did not happen, and remember to see the tightness of the belt. Loose belts will cause clamor belt called, early wear the belt; belt too tight, generator bearings would cause uneven wear.

Fall car maintenance tips