Do not say these four words Times danger, otherwise the insurance company exclusions!

I believe that many newspaper owners insurance, it is often because not twelve words, the insurance companies have exclusions for various reasons, while they are still being kept in the dark. No wonder some people jokingly, only two auto insurance company does not pay, that it does not lose, do not lose it.

So, what kinds of words in Times auto insurance can not utter it?

1, "I went to the car repair, car repair repaired stay cost breakdown" after the accident, may not affect the normal running of the vehicle, and therefore, many people choose to drive the truck to the repair shop for repair, as it should be We believe that as long as the show after the repair cost breakdown, the insurance company will be able to full compensation. Unfortunately, the process according to the insurance company, you must first reported auto insurance after the accident, and then carried out to assess the damage claims process according to the insurance company, it means giving up their own repair reported auto insurance, the insurance company is not compensation.

2, "just out of the first two days of the accident was" just happen to have urgent matters to deal with an accident, and therefore will be reported without delay auto insurance, as long as the accident does not change the impact marks and save the accident scene photos, you the normal insurance loss, the reality is that the insurance company has expressly provided, reported auto insurance to take effect in the accident 48 hours, more than 48 hours is basically impossible to obtain compensation, even if there is no change marks the accident, it can not.

3, "the car is in the parking lot fee accident"

Vehicles parked in the parking lot hit, the innocent party should bear the responsibility, especially the kind of guarded parking fee, if the auto insurance will report this case truthfully inform the insurance company, it is basically left without compensation, in addition, not only the collisions, even if stolen, even if bought pilfer, also left without compensation, as provided by insurance companies, all stolen vehicles in parking charges or commercial repair shop, the insurance company and will not responsible for compensation.

4, "because they do not auto insurance, so look for you doing a good thing" if it is to give up the right to claim against the third party insurer, the claim directly to the insurance company, the insurance company will refuse compensation. This sentence is combined with the reality, if you and the third party vehicle collision, while the other side have a responsibility even full responsibility, but because they do not auto insurance, you have some too harsh, so generous not to pursue only choose to own the insurance company claims, is not supported in this case, not the insurance company did not love, is because the insurance company has provided, once gave up the right of recourse to a third party, it will give up the rights to the insurance company for compensation .

My Tip: These are likely to be caught by the head insurance company refused to compensate the confused words, especially the last one, in the event of an accident, do not arbitrarily claim full responsibility, particularly in the case of personal injury occurs.

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