Car loans what procedures?

Car loans more common among young people, needs some work friends do not have so much surplus funds often will choose to buy a car loan, some are and some are through bank loans by installment 4S point, then 2016 car loans need What are the procedures?

Car loans what procedures

The first step: the lender to submit application materials to the bank loans to buy a car;

Step two: Bank of the material submitted by the lender of first instance;

The third step: bank lender credit investigation and evaluation of the customer;

Step four: bank loans and credit investigation through the trial, compliance with loan conditions apply for approval;

Step five: approved notify the borrower apply for the contract, loan, mortgage or pledge and other related procedures;, the borrower shall not be explained by the approval;

Step Six: rear entry into force of the loan contract, handling bank loans. Take special lending a way that according to the provisions of the loan contract, handling bank loans directly to borrowers into car dealer account.

4s shop car loans how much fees

It is understood that the 4S shop with a car there is a certain transaction costs, including:

1, apply for the loan fee (charged by the 4S shop, ranging from 1000-3000 yuan

2, after the approval of the loan service fee (vehicle mortgage or release mortgage fee provided by a 4S shop or loan charges ranging from 100-500).

4S shop car loans specifically for the process as follows:

1, the selected car 4S shop for consultation with the applicant

2, car dealers for car loans the applicant's initial eligibility review and sign an opinion

3, car dealers applicant eligibility review, the Bank of First Instance

4, after examination by the dealer with the applicant signed a purchase contract, notify the customer to deliver the first phase of car models, and to customers for bank accounts and bank credit cards, customers fill out vehicle inspection EIR

5, apply for mortgages, notary, insurance and other related procedures

6, bank lenders.

Here to remind everyone wants a loan to buy a car, it is best to formal banking or 4s shop, avoid some informal places, resulting in unnecessary losses and troubles.

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