Car modification of the five major errors

? How to define a modified car that most people would certainly say: have a low stunning color paint, surrounded by large exaggerated big tail, ridiculously large wheels, thin tires could not be more thin, low despicably body, shock days loud exhaust pipes of large diameter and exaggerated sound ... this is our hearts modified car! Yes, but when you really realize the true intention of car modification, then you understand modified car may be incorrect.

Modified car for most people, it may still be extravagant behavior, but in recent years, with the gradual maturity of domestic modification industry, a lot of people in the car wants a small test chopper, to distinguish their car and others areas. Among them, this inexpensive small cars (Fit, Swift, POLO, Carnival, etc.) rather by holding. But do not blindly be converted, at the same time to express individuality must pay attention to demand ask!

Modified properly on a true sense of the street car or racing is done at the height of balance, power, handling, braking indispensable.

The power conversion system "intake and exhaust"

Modified car is a very deep knowledge, many owners want their car to make some modifications to improve performance, but often because of the lack of knowledge of their own modifications, be ruthless flicker-free German merchants, converted into a number of errors . Today we have listed some common conversion errors for your reference.

Casually modified intake mushroom head, deep does not leak location means very little respirable air quality, power is enhanced or shrink? I think reasonable people a child can understand it.

Suction intake system to enhance efficiency, provide sufficient oxygen for the combustion engine is the first step to enhance the dynamic performance of the vehicle. Many owners will choose to modify the relevant parts of the intake system on the market to make modifications. However, the seemingly simple intake system, but still has its doorway, once into the errors, ranging from money not to please, to a greater slow, heavy can cause the engine to life greatly reduced, more harm than good.

Cold intake air usually converted to the intake port designed as short as possible, directly, away from heat, so as to obtain the most fresh intake air.

In order to reduce intake resistance, improve the smoothness of the intake system, many owners are selected in the modified air filter and replace the original tank with a plenum mushroom head type high volume air grid, will pay attention to some modification, together with the inlet line replaced together. Thus indeed effectively reduce the intake resistance, to enhance the amount of intake air, but the mushroom head is biased Competitive of modified parts, increasing the air flow rate is his primary demands, the effect of impurities in the air to the filter dust is not its strong. The blind in poor air quality domestic mushroom head could cause inhalation of dust and impurities in the air, these impurities into the engine with internal parts friction, not only to accelerate oil decay in the long run, more likely to increase engine wear, leading to reduced engine life.

Use of car hazard lights