Use of car hazard lights

Car hazard lights, commonly known as "double flash", is used to alert other vehicles and pedestrians: This car took place special circumstances, to keep the distance between vehicles or avoidance. That when they could use the hazard lights it?

Visibility is less than 100 meters

On the highway, if you encounter fog, rain, snow, dust, hail and other weather, visibility is less than 100 meters situation is not conducive to long high-speed driving, this time, in the open fog lights, beam lights, outline marker Meanwhile lights and front and rear position lamps, should also press the "double flash" button to turn on the hazard lights of the vehicle, then the vehicle should leave the highway as soon as possible retarder.

When the temporary stop on the road

When a failure or because the vehicle owners had an emergency temporary parking when needed, especially to the use of non-motorized vehicles or route through the park, this time should immediately turn on the hazard lights to alert passing vehicles and pedestrians pay attention to safety, it is worth noting that, although the lights have been turned on, if there are no special circumstances, the driver can not just leave the car at this time.

When a traffic accident occurs on the road

Occur during driving accident, the vehicle can not move in time to when the security zone, should immediately turn on the hazard lights, warning signs and 50-100 meters in the rear of the vehicle to alert pedestrians and passing vehicles attention to emergency avoidance, and timely alarm, waiting for rescue. If you do not turn on the hazard lights, to the rear of the car can not accurately determine the condition of the vehicle in front, in front of the vehicle is still considered normal driving, especially in road vehicles crowded situations, it can easily lead to secondary accidents.

If the vehicle breaks down on the highway, the vehicle should be parked within the emergency strip, promptly turned on the hazard lights and rear fault car 150 meters away from the outside, set up dangerous warning signs, and the police immediately, drivers and passengers should failure fences in front of the car outside waiting to be rescued.

When towing vehicle failure

When towing vehicle malfunction, the vehicle are in an abnormal state, so the tractor and the tractor shall be open simultaneously on the hazard lights to alert pedestrians and passing vehicles in particular, to the rear of the car, take timely measures to avoid danger.

In addition to these four main cases, the coach car train, the vehicle is reversing or turn around, transporting critically ill patients, perform special tasks, take delivery of special tasks, etc., also have turned on the hazard lights to prevent rear-end collision with other vehicles.

It should be noted here is: do not require the use of a motor vehicle lights will be subject to three-pointers, fined $ 200 penalty. How to properly use the hazard lights should be every driver should have common sense. So we must understand the rational use of lighting.

Use double flash time