Auto insurance you can surrender

Auto insurance can surrender it? Car owners usually give the car insurance, common auto insurance mainly to pay high insurance and commercial insurance, you pay high insurance that the state must buy insurance? The answer is yes, if you want to back auto insurance, must appear legal the three cases.

Traffic Insurance can surrender it?

Traffic Insurance is a national mandatory purchase of insurance, if you want to surrender the need to comply with these following conditions:

1, suspended handling of the insured motor vehicle;

2, the insured motor vehicle is written off legally registered;

3, the insured motor vehicle by the public security organs confirmed missing.

To back pay high insurance, first look at the effective date of the policy turned over to compulsory insurance, if the policy has not yet entered into force, can apply for surrender. If you pay compulsory insurance in force, in accordance with the provisions of "motor vehicle accident liability insurance regulations," if you do not meet the conditions of surrender, we shall not surrender.

Business insurance can surrender it?

Business owners insurance is voluntary purchase of auto insurance, as long as it has not expired, has not been out of the scope of insurance may belong to surrender to the insurance company. In addition, overlapping insurance policyholders insured; the insured vehicle is sold, transferred, donated the car to the outside of the seat of membership (membership car seat according to the municipal division of administrative divisions); a new car due to quality problems were recovered seller or because of related technical parameters do not meet state regulations on the traffic control department will not households. These cases can also surrender.

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