Car inverter Precautions

Long-distance traveling by car battery died only encounter normal charger, or engagements laptop is about to "strike" how to do? At this time many of my friends complain about, hey, I was a Cock wire, car is the Cock wire, the original is not equipped with 220V power supply. Indeed, the current 300,000 or less, whether car or SUV, are rarely equipped with 220V power supply, both in order to pull the grade between the models, but also because of cost considerations. But this time I believe many of my friends will say, there is not a car inverter do? Yes, car inverter can well solve the general problem of small household electrical appliances, but can use the car inverter pay attention to a lot of these and not necessarily clear to everyone.

We all know, no matter what grade car, or will be equipped with a plurality of power supply 12V, 12V power which we usually use it as a power supply for the device, such as a cigarette lighter or some other tachograph. But because the power supply voltage is low, and is a direct current, so they can not use ordinary household 220V AC for use. Then you just need to spend a hundred dollars to buy a car inverter can be solved with a small, low-power appliances use issues.

How to choose their own inverter

Currently Auto Parts City, the major electricity supplier and Taobao business at all flooded with all kinds of power inverter, cheap tens of dollars, there are hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The maximum power which can be carried from tens of watts to several hundred watts. What should we choose what kind of inverter?

First, for the average home user, to buy a maximum limit at 200W power inverter is completely sufficient. Because the vast majority of insured family car 12V power supply used less than equal to 20A, that is to say a maximum of about 230W will allow electrical appliances, and some older models even allow the insured maximum current of only 10A, so buy car The inverter can not blindly seek power. Currently connect 12V power inverter 150W or less for most can only use electrical appliances.

For some outdoor workers need to use high-power electrical population, you can buy a battery directly connected to the inverter. This 500W inverter can be even higher for the use of electrical appliances, small motors and can bring some of the hundreds of 1000W softbox photography and so on.

As for the grade inverter, in addition to our traditional look of work materials and brands. In performance they also have no small difference, currently on the market in the sale of the main output pure sine wave and quasi-sine wave inverter. With higher output pure sine wave inverter price, basically 500 yuan for sale, mid-range goods at around $ 1000, but the performance is very stable, high-quality goods some of 220V AC output even higher than our daily electricity. And like the quasi-sine wave or square wave belonging to such modified sine wave inverter type in most cases, the stability can be assured, for the average consumer to purchase a class of inverter belonging to a higher cost.

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