Before travel by car need to do to prepare

National Day is the longest holiday in addition to the Spring Festival, with free access highway, many of my friends are planning to travel by car this holiday season, but travelers can save money are small, traveling by car on the way there will inevitably be a variety of unexpected risks in order to improve the protection of the entire trip traveling by car, the owner before traveling must make adequate preparations, in order to be prepared for a safe journey home.

Check the stock of all kinds of oil

Check the oil, in addition to a variety of oil to view the stock, but also to check whether the oil deterioration, if found to be insufficient oil or side, you need timely supplement or replace. The most reliable approach is proposed for the reference oil inside the vehicle, add the oil standard.

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Check the tire and spare tire

Tires for road safety but plays a vital role. Before the trip must be promptly check whether the tires for foreign matter, as well as damage and side surfaces have, like bulge. If you need to have time to professional repair shop for repair or replacement. The last four wheels has been checked, we do not ignore the spare tire in the trunk lying quietly, it should be carefully checked.

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Check the headlights, wipers

Traveling on his way inevitably encounter rain and bad weather, all kinds of lights you want to check before the trip once turned to see if the lights are not bright; check wiper strip is flat, each gear normally jobs. To ensure that we have the confidence to ride during the trip.

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Check the brake

Brakes can be said to be directly related to traffic safety, vacation is sure to encounter frequent traffic jams and travel different roads, this proposed test of the brake system, brake system inspection trip. We can drive the truck to the road, Caicai brake pedal, braking the car to see if there is a phantom or too soft and so on.


An ample supply of emergency tools

Whether will repair, be sure to prepare some emergency hand tools and articles from time to time before travel to prepare for use. During running of the vehicle appears a certain part can cause damage during normal driving, the vehicle can be used without affecting the self-traveling member or to replace the local materials, such as to bring the damaged place backpack fan, fan belt compiled into the skin belt; oil spills, leaks, plugging the leak site using methods such as soap tank leakage plug, if the tubing or pipe tore bundle wrapping method can be used, for plugging tied with a rope, wire and the like.

After a long car maintenance coup