Car headlights blurred easily lead to an accident

Car headlights function as an important component of body shape and the crowning touch, its basic function - security, but often overlooked some of the car owners. Swedish and Canadian regulations, daytime running lights have to drive. According to statistics, 60?f car accidents are caused because the vision is poor, so many high-end luxury cars and European cars headlights automatically regarded as an important and basic active safety features. Now we are in a number of domestic high-end cars can often see some car lights is lit during the day, which is set automatically when the vehicle is factory-oh, for safety reasons, not bad lights or owners of autonomous behavior.

In Sweden and Canada, because the weather is dark and often snow, so provisions must be open during the day driving headlights. This provision has already begun in Europe prevalent in some areas of Zhejiang, also began the trial. Jinhua City Patrol Detachment for the prevention of traffic accidents, the introduction of provisions "Hang-Jin daytime running headlights open," the. According to statistics, during the pilot more than four months, the index has declined four traffic accidents, traffic accidents dropped by 13.6?ear on year the number of police. Daytime running headlights turn on, not to be illuminated, but to make the other pedestrians, vehicles could see their car as soon as possible, so that the other party to prepare as soon as possible to ensure safety.

Therefore, for security considerations, many high-end car headlights are set to automatically turn on the feature, especially the performance of the car in Europe.

Why open the headlights favorable security in the gray light of it? First, let's analyze the human eye. At dawn and dusk, when the human eye to color and shape recognition weakest pupil in diurnal cycles of operation. Light this moment has been inadequate, and that is the feeling of gray (and pollution of the city deepened this situation), the original distance of 300 meters can clearly determine the target, this time generally have closer to 50 meters up.

Look at the color of the car. According to statistics, almost one-third of consumer choice silver-gray car. The silver is a good camouflage, it is easy to integrate into the gray background, it is not easy to distinguish shapes, commonly used in fighter aircraft, so this time the role of automatic headlights began to unravel. Because open not only for yourself to see the road conditions, but also to let others see your car's headlights important role.

In another case, it is to enter the tunnels or underground garage, because the light from light to dark, the human eye has an adaptation process, so that sensitive auto-sensing headlights then will give the driver additional illumination compensation. The vast majority of rain and snow line of sight is not good, but the background will appear gray, then turn on the lights themselves can improve concentration and other vehicles.

Vehicle lights are not bright enough can be improved by some simple ways

Light vehicle automotive OEMs is good design. But if you feel not enough light can be improved by some simple way.

Problems lamp itself. Such as internal shade too dirty; use of counterfeit shade, fade external sanding, it will affect the light emission. Lampshade can be removed to do the cleaning, or simply replace;

Enhance the desirable power

Naturally the easiest way is to increase credit to power headlights, although this approach is less expensive and simple construction, but the effect is limited and there is a certain risk. The 50W headlights replaced 100W, the brightness will not simply be doubled. On the contrary, due to the increase in power, causing damage to a corresponding increase in line, causing the line heating and speed up the aging wires, the voltage across the headlights will decline. Most do so result: the brightness increase only a little, but will cause line load increases, accidents planted, and shade and a lamp bowl there deformation caused by high temperature, the risk of discoloration.

HID poor rainy season

HID gas discharge lamp is generally known as a xenon lamp. The advantages of high brightness, high color temperature, long life, low energy consumption; disadvantage is the high price, easy installation, modification xenon lamp forcibly cause the light distribution of the original car do not meet national standards, it is possible to comply with the original lighting fixture standard prices surprisingly high. The main problem is that the color temperature of HID lamps too high, leading to its light penetrating even than ordinary lights in rain and fog weather, and therefore not recommended.

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