Car detoxification best activated carbon

Many car owners prefer to buy a car after the vehicle is free to decorate, the car is likely to cause air "secondary pollution", in fact, many owners do not know that this will cause interior air quality standards, and want fresh and clean air inside the vehicle, the car should be in , were part of the control car, below.

First, the air quality inside is ignored

As the first car air quality standards by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the State Administration of Quality Supervision jointly issued the "inside passenger air quality assessment guidelines" (hereinafter referred to as the "Guidelines"), based on volatile organic compounds in the air inside the vehicle the type, source and analysis of the main characteristics of the vehicle interior volatile material itself, determines the eight kinds of benzene, toluene, xylene, ethylbenzene concentration of the air inside the main claim is controlled substances specified.

Car air quality needs to be emphasis on

However, due to the "Guide" is only recommended national standard, non-mandatory standards, and therefore can not get car prices and the riders seriously. Recently, the reporter visited the automobile market in Nanning, South Station Avenue, a 4S store sales adviser told reporters, the sales of the car models are in line with the relevant air quality standards, and produce the "China Environmental Labeling Certification", the brands listed above comply with the certification requirements of the product model. Sales consultant also said that despite the "Guide" Performing a year, but customers rarely care about whether the car air quality standards, few people asked to see the certificate.

In this regard, some auto industry insiders believe that at this stage when riders buy a car or the most valued brand, performance, price and so on. For car air quality, riders almost no technical means to judge, this is how they perform this rarely cause for concern.

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