Car standing 10 kinds of useful articles critical time great!

I often hear people ask, "What needs to feature after a car?" I often hear people say "film, seat covers, decorative ......", then in addition to these things provide comfort and aesthetics of the car the need to fit what is it? These presumably not everyone can speak out. In fact, some little thing is very useful, on the car prepared for, may never have access, might help at some point on your lot for today, and I would like everyone to share a few tips on vehicles often equipped equipment, they will say the importance of my own personal experience before driving it.

I often see friends car's trunk is stuffed full of all sorts of things, but encounter unexpected situations can help but can not find their own tools, is actually very simple thing just a poor tools It can be resolved, but that is not such a helpless feeling very uncomfortable. So my car has never been less than less of these types of equipment, and they are not expensive, all together have less than a normal car seat covers money, but they stay in the car, my heart at ease.

tire pressure table

Tires are always check, especially high-speed running time, if the tire pressure with the manufacturer requires numerical deviation is too large, then it is very dangerous, when friends would habitually often run high-speed service area to rest check tire is normal, this is a good habit, in the car so you can prepare a portable air gauge, the electronic mechanical, and everything inside is 30 dollars it can get, often self-examination mind at ease, there is no need to measure tire pressure another trip 4S store or repair shop.


We often encounter the hands of the appliances is about no electricity embarrassment, phone Fortunately, you can use a dedicated on-board charger, but for the use of 220V powered appliances for "car charger" and "charging treasure" can not do anything, For example, want to find information laptop out of power, the camera battery is dead when traveling pictures, children play video game no electricity and so on ...... this time a 220V power supply is particularly important. There is no good way on the road, it is recommended to prepare a car inverter can convert 12V power supply reverse the car into a 220V power supply, for the majority of electrical appliances are charging.


Flashlight is a useful tool, in poor light conditions can help lighting at night, when you need to check the vehicle or to find things, flashlights will help a lot of help, in addition here that is not necessarily a bad light at night, such as engine the lower compartment, hanging part or corner of the interior, even during the day is also difficult to see, if you need to check these sites have a flashlight to help a lot of very easily.

How advanced do not have a flashlight, but I suggest that you can try to choose the kind of self-charging flashlight, because long-term use of electrical idle words will consume battery power, such as it was found with no electricity would be too embarrassing. In addition, some models It will be charged with a standard flashlight groove in the trunk, very intimate. If there is no flashlight, do not forget the phone's flash lighting function can also be an emergency. If the car is often a friend to play outdoors, it is recommended in the car with a high-intensity flashlight, LED also has a xenon bulb, irradiation range and penetration are strong, useful in the wild.

tow rope

Tow rope is the most direct tool can rescue the spot, no matter what kind of environment or what level of car models, should prepare a set in the trunk, at the time of purchase to pay attention to the maximum to withstand the weight of the rope is the number currently on the market is the most common maximum force of 5 tons, for the average family car is good enough for the rescue, as well as three tons, 8 tons and 10 tons, if you drive a SUV and often go wild, fun children, it is recommended to a 8 tons or more.

I myself have personally experienced the situation of the car lying nest in the wild, the road next to a small river water and silt to be covered, when the front wheel of the vehicle passing just down to the depression of a very slippery, very embarrassing situation, many times try pushing the employer is unable to help themselves, the better prepared a set of car tow rope, in order to be well-intentioned rescue vehicles crossing success. If not ready, then stopped even willing to help rescue vehicle, can not do anything, because this fight rescue call, uneconomical.

take the wire

It is also a critical tool, here I want to remind you friends about, there are many cheap but relatively thin wires take on the market, we must not be cheap to buy a thin wire at the time of purchase, must buy thick, because the fine line is only suitable to the battery charge, because it can not withstand a large current may cause damage, with thicker wire, although the cost will be higher, but you can guarantee the normal operation, it is recommended that you in choosing not to seek cheaper.

Once my car was rear-ended (I rarely hit things because of his mistakes, accidents are innocent knocked, sad ...... thousand words omitted), when the traffic environment is very traffic jam, first open the double flash, then shoot the scene photo on the vehicle moves to deal with the emergency strip wait for the police, was the winter, low temperatures will accelerate battery consumption, small double flash will consume a lot of power, if the battery is depleted, and that is fueling up, finished with the problem of accidents have to deal with car problems, if the hands have to take the wire, you can quickly save loss of battery electric vehicles.

Especially for battery use years longer car, or car battery in question, in this case take the wire really useful, because in the narrow ground Curry, trying to push the car is a very difficult thing but there is a problem of leakage car or fix it as soon as possible, cure the problem.

standing drug

Inside the car it is recommended to put some standing drug, specifically what is not specified, but at least put a band-aid package and Yunnan Baiyao, you can deal with some small wounds, after all, while driving the hand joints are continuously active, according to another car's body case to prepare, such as the elderly at home with a bottle of JiuXinWan bad heart suggestion in the car, the stomach is not good friends with a pack of berberine, easy to heat stroke in the summer with a pack of friends Huoxiangzhengqi capsule 10 minutes (taking complete It will detect alcohol within recommended to take complete rest for about 10 minutes and then continue driving).

tape/insulation tape

Tape is useful, there are things you can do: stick a few things need to be connected together, not here, for example, because too much, perhaps the car loose parts, it could be the car of the article. If able to do so, prepare a roll of insulation tape also recommended that, if the wires out of the question need to temporarily deal with this stuff is very useful.

a small toolbox

Models now on sale are equipped with the attendant substantially toolbox, most models are substantially placed in the spare tire or other parts of the trunk vessel, usually has the necessary tools trailer coupling ring, jacks, wheel dismantling bolt wrench, manufacturers will feature some kind screwdriver or pliers or the like tools. However, use of these tools is very limited, it is recommended to prepare a special car repair kit in the car, such as various sizes of plum, hex hedging, which for vehicle maintenance is useful in Taobao and other electric providers website the search, there are many choices.

For some problems can be solved by yourself, I prefer to get their own, such as a need to remove parts or fastening, or something to pry open a structure like the fuse box cover often require a small pry bar, this time slotted screwdriver is the best tool.


The rope is very common gadget, its role is not defined, in short, is the need to tie fixed or need to pull all how much it needs help. For example, opening a large package installed piecemeal items, in motion spread is vulnerable to bumps, for such a case the rope might have help. Trunk case or pull large objects causing the trunk lid can not be closed, and that must be fixed rope, to avoid unnecessary loss of loot, loot cause additional damage to the car but also to pay appropriate compensation of.

Multifunction folding knife

Inside the car put a multi-function folding knife is a bit applications, considered the best known Swiss Army knife, right? There are a variety of outdoor brands have this product, who often play outdoors friend, a knife can solve many problems.

It says so quite a lot of things piecemeal, recommended on the car kit, if the original car kit is relatively small, can give the trunk with a small storage box, in which they are placed, not chaos not throw better looking. These are my personal car standing some small tools, when I travel by car is really used a lot, but I am here to say is that the demand for family cars equipped with common equipment, is certainly not the most comprehensive, like automatic I do not inflator with, because I always check the spare tire, spare tire can ensure the normal use of the repair shop on the line. Other equipment and experience are welcome to enjoy the exchange in the following comments.

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