Car damage insurance to buy or not to buy?

Recently, the car damage insurance amount the insurance company's increase, resulting in premiums rose about 10?Many new owners of curiosity, caustic danger is not necessary to buy insurance? Role be? And many owners more depressing is that even a full buy their own insurance, but the key moment, but nothing could Claims?!

To pay high insurance pay less recommended for novice to buy a car damage

Traffic Insurance purchase is mandatory, and car damage insurance, pilfer, three insurance ...... belong to commercial insurance, not mandatory, can not guarantee security. But if you are a novice, will inevitably scratch bumper, it is recommended to buy some proper business insurance. Because pay high insurance car damage payments not exceeding $ 2000, and a conditional limitation that you can only be damaged someone else's car, you just paid to someone else's car repairs. This part of the amount needed more than the owner of his own pocket. Just in case the novice may be additional insured car damage, while adding free to accompany excluding insurance, or paid only to 80?We can say that car damage insurance claims is the highest usage. General minor car crashes to serious damage, it is sufficient to require payment, reduce the loss of the owner. It is noted that, after the adjustment, the current basic insurance companies determine premiums using only new car to purchase this way.

Paul caustic danger can actually quite a wide range of

The scope of compensation for loss of vehicle insurance in five cases: one vehicle collision, overturning; the second is a vehicle fire, explosion; the third is the collapse of external objects or falling, running parallel to the insured vehicle crash causing loss of vehicle; Fourth, the vehicle struck by lightning , storms, tornadoes, heavy rains, floods, tsunamis, subsidence, ice trap, natural disasters cliff collapse, avalanche, hail, mudslides, landslides; Fifth, there is the driver in the vehicle onboard to take care of the situation, the insurance vehicle ferry carrying natural disasters suffered more than the loss of vehicles. Vehicle damage caused by the occurrence of the above circumstances, the owner can apply for compensation from the insurance company, the insurance company will be paid in accordance with the terms of the insurance agreement. In addition, when the insured event occurs, the insured is to prevent or reduce the loss of insured vehicles paid for necessary and reasonable costs of rescue, also paid for by the insurer, the maximum amount not exceeding the amount of insurance. From the point of view of compensation above range, it is necessary to purchase caustic danger, especially for some owners often bring friends, family travel, travel caustic danger is more essential goods.

How to buy a used car caustic danger?

There are many car owners are buying a used car, insurance experts have warned that the owner at the time of the insured used car caustic danger, you can choose according to the full value of a new car insurance, insured or actual value. According to the latest standard insurance Insurance Association of Guangdong Province, used cars limited in determining the new car to purchase the highest proportion of fall, points 9 months to 2 years (inclusive), 2-5 years (inclusive), 5 to 10 years (including ), more than 10 years of four levels, its new car to purchase up to fall by 10?15?20?25?But used car car damage occurs, replacement parts and maintenance man-hour cost is no different with the new car, the owner can decide to insure themselves way. When the insured, the owner can choose to insure real terms, which would allow car damage insurance premiums lower, but in the part of the damage occurred, only proportional compensation; and if the choice of the insured in accordance with the new car price of $ 100,000, the premium income of natural more, but in the part of the damage occurred, you can get full compensation insurance company (without considering the franchise).

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