Body repair abnormal sound common method

Abnormal noise is not a disease, sounded really terrible! I believe that every mention of abnormal sound cars often drive people will identify with, troubled for a long time, but can not find the cause of abnormal sound, or choose to accept or continue the investigation, and ultimately still unsuccessful the few people. Travel the road every day, even a tiny sound, but also enough to make people restless and worried heart is not really a vehicle has been hidden a big problem? How many vehicles will emit some noise in the normal process of moving but if this noise beyond a certain range can be identified as abnormal sound body.

1, the body abnormal sound

Symptom Explanation: The total step on the gas or brake while driving some of the body parts of an abnormal sound, the sound is not great, and does not affect normal driving, but the overall impression is one thing to worry about where a fault.

Analysis of the problem: This problem usually occurs because the body is not rigid enough, resulting in deformation occurs in the vehicle traveling in the car with the door frame friction or jitter, or in some places solders and creates friction between the steel plate.

There are a number of vehicles wind noise is larger, and this car's styling related to a certain extent, there are not fixed can also cause abnormal noise between the body parts of some cars, the general tightening the screws can be solved.


First check the trunk or back seat of the car if there is no fixed placed, easy rolling and sound objects, exclude some items were not properly fixed, the noise emitted.

If you find that parts of the friction caused by abnormal sound car doors and windows, doors and windows can be posted in the strip method or rubber mat in the friction parts, may be able to reduce or eliminate abnormal sound, but the result is not only a temporary cure. If the above problems are not found, it must be to the regular repair shop for maintenance, to troubleshoot the problem.

2, the engine abnormal sound

Symptom Explanation: the possibility of abnormal sound of the engine compartment will be more, most people are also judged by their sound source is abnormal sound of the engine compartment, usually a harsh metallic sound or abnormal sound Feng Xiao style.

Analyze problems: abnormal noise from the engine compartment, there will be more harsh whistling belt, which is generally caused due to belt slippage; there will be a sharp sound of metal friction when the engine is running dry, which is generally generators, water pumps, Causes of damage to the power steering pump bearing; leak if operation of the engine sound, there may be blockage of the exhaust system, vacuum leak or break results.

Solution: technical state of engine knock engine flag an institution has changed. Mainly due to excessive wear or even some parts assembly, improper adjustment. Some abnormal sound engine will still notice an accident injury can occur, so when the engine is abnormal sound, should be repaired to prevent the failure to expand.

Need to be reminded that, if it is abnormal sound in the engine, the owner probably can not be resolved, it is best sent to the factory for repair.

3, abnormal sound transmission

Symptom Description: if the car is traveling in the internal transmission "rustling" sound, and then depresses the accelerator or clutch is not, and there will be a similar shift whistling sound.

Analysis of the problem: If you encounter a source of noise in the gearbox is running in place, there may be a gearbox bearing or gear wear, bearing spots due. When abnormal sound transmission upshifting, the transmission oil may be contained in a metal powder, described in the gearbox with clutch brake member such excessive wear.

Solution: more transmission parts, causes the sound is relatively complex, attention should analysis determines: whether associated with a particular speed, such as a planetary gear rattling some obvious about 50Km/h. For certain whether the gear position, which is important for determining the transmission failure, if a hair ring gear, positively related to the influence of the transmission gear member; if all files are hair ring, the ring gear shaft often tend to malfunction or lack of transmission oil. Whether associated with a particular action, such as addition, subtraction shift, starting, rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, cornering and so is an effective means of determining abnormal noise, wherein the speed conversion, the conversion is particularly important for determining the direction of axle failure.

If the transmission abnormal sound obvious, it is recommended to send a professional repair workshop check failed member, and then replaced.

4, tire abnormal sound

Symptom Description: Tire rhythmic beep, and the higher the frequency the faster the speed.

Analysis of the problem: car tires in contact with the ground, because of the kind of state or uneven roads, vehicle speed, types of tires, tire air pressure itself generated a variety of different strength of noise. So no matter how perfect the car, you can not completely eliminate the noise in the process of moving tire and the ground produced.

Solution: First, check the tire screws are tightened, excluding abnormal sound symptoms. When the hub of the screws are loose, tap the brakes in the downhill wheel will be issued a fine knock knock sound, if the screw is loose wheel, the wheel will be amplified by the sound of the trunk, it may be mistaken for placing the box things sent. When loosening the screw hub powerful, swing the walking wheels occurs during slow hear obvious rattle this case, should be immediately stopped to check the hub screws.

If the tire is rhythmic noise, fast speed and the frequency is high, according to the sound to determine the cause: if low "flap" sound, mostly deformed tire tread, from the package, or badly worn pressure less; if "blah" sound, it may be mixed with pebbles tread; if the tire whistling call to ring, and obviously the body shake even the direction of deviation, needless to say definitely blew a tire, change tires and get off of it; if traveling issued inside the tire during the metal sound of the collision, it may be caused by shock absorbers and bearing damage caused by vehicle owners should go to a professional auto repair shop or 4S shop for repairs.

Car Tips:

To develop the car before checking the tire and wheel screws of good habits to prevent the screws loss incidents flywheel. At the same time, also to deal with the body, the deformation of the tire to be checked.

Develop observation and listening to the sound of the truck running habit, once found abnormal sound truck operation, must be carefully examined.

Check the oil regularly to develop 4 2 water, spare tire pressure, wheel screws habit of problems found to be in time, without delay. Such as tire pressure is insufficient spare tire, when faced with change tires, only to find the spare tire is not available.

In particular, should pay special attention to the situation. As to the maintenance of plant before and after the exchange on other operations, be sure to carefully check the tire screw fastening, and often a tight screws to prevent the screws ran off failure.

Must be checked after running bad road tires, shock absorption and other parts, pay special attention to the tires for damage and prevent violence Injured tire tread major accident occurred at high speed.

Abnormal sound solution to various parts of the car