Car bird feces out how to do?

Now buy a car is almost not news, almost every family about popularized, this has led to more and more vehicles, go out looking for a car parking difficult position. Especially in summer, the car did not want to feel bad exposure, always looking for the tree, but the question is, trees are not safe, because the tree is easily as "fetish" hit, that is: the bird feces. But more than a parked car, unfortunately, it is always inevitable, really hit by bird feces how to do it?

Bird feces out of the car how to do?

Bird feces out of the car first of all have three points Cognition:

First, the car body out of the bird feces means that the car is dirty, you need to wash as soon as possible.

Second, consider the bird feces out of the car inauspicious, is a superstitious ideas, which is a normal phenomenon, it will not bring bad luck.

Third, the car under a tree or elsewhere are likely to fall on the foreign body, if the drop on bird feces, need to be cleaned as soon as possible, because dirt which contains corrosive substances will paint damage, if not cleaned for a long time , will leave marks. At the same time, travel with dirt, it is unsightly, affecting out image.

There is no doubt the first point, the second point of focus here. Do not! fan! letter! Bird feces out of the car and the location of your parked car, it does not matter and you are lucky, do not fall bird feces is considered to be a harbinger of bad luck, to do their own psychological suggestion, that there might really be bad luck oh.

The third most important point, the car out how to remove the bird feces it? Remember these five steps:

1. Use detergent paint

Truck prepare the diluted paint cleaners, then spray the paint on stained with bird droppings or window, and then attach the wetted paper towel or cloth, etc. after it Shaodai minutes to soften wiped off. Sometimes due to the scorching sun exposure through bird droppings become very dry, very hard, you need to spend more time soaked in water, wetting, general can play a good removal.

If there is no professional cleaning agents, may also be used ordinary household cleaning agents, but must pay attention to is neutral, otherwise the paint will have a corrosive effect.

2. Use wet tissue was washed

If none of the above, then, wet wipes usually carry with them always, because the alcohol content in the wet paper towel to soften guano, disinfection play a good effect.

3. Clear guano, systemic use cleaning solutions

After removed the vehicle body can preferably guano washing liquid and then wipe it again, if there is no washing liquid, washing the best place to go to the nearest car bath, this will be the residue with corrosive guano substance completely removed.

4. Do not stick very firmly of guano hard buckle

And always remember, sticks fast guano do not pull hard, careful guano debris from entering the fingernails. Bird droppings on the window do not force a hard squeegee wiper blade, the wiper can cause aging of the rubber strip, better and more with cleaning fluid or wetted with water soak resistance.

5. Use rubber gloves to clean bird droppings

One final point: Be sure to wash your hands as soon as possible after clearing guano, timely clean-up of waste paper, waste clean up, wipes for the first time cleaning, disinfection, preferably with a pair of plastic gloves are ideal.

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