Buy wading insurance, the insurance company exclusions?

He went to the rainy season

Hunan Wang woke up the owner

It found that the car has been soaked in water

After communication

The insurance company refused to compensate

Mr. Wang is not convinced:

I obviously bought a wading insurance, why do not you pay me!

What is wading insurance?

First of all risks without wading insurance, wading insurance is a specialized insurance compensation for losses due to flooding caused by the engine. Only buy wading insurance vehicle owners in the engine caused by water wading encounter, when the risk of failure to obtain the corresponding claims of insurance companies.

Wading insurance can be purchased separately it?

Wading insurance is an additional risk of caustic danger, can be purchased at any time, but must be insured on the basis of loss of vehicle insurance can insure wading insurance.

Insurance wading insurance does not equal full pay

Wading insurance coverage does not mean that the whole compensation, it also has 15?o 20?bsolute franchise, only to buy a car damage, wading insurance, caustic danger is not deductible and wading insurance, excluding free compensation insurance to be able to receive full payment. But not all insurance companies offer wading insurance is not deductible the insurance program.

Insurance companies will wading insurance exclusions under what circumstances?

No vehicle inspection no compensation: now issued a six-year exemption regulations, a long time, many owners is easy to forget to carry out vehicle inspection, if just to escape from danger at this time, then the insurance company exclusions.

After wading forced to start the engine flameout: vehicular secondary ignition and engine damage caused by water after flameout, the insurance company is not compensable.

In the end you should buy wading risk it?

Although water flooded a small probability event, but as long as Something is wrong with the engine, the engine will simply wash thousands of pieces, can arrive wading insurance for several years.

If possible take the water, or more urban rainwater where you bought is better than not buy strong.

The driver set off barren of parking