Car air conditioning inside and outside the loop function is very important, with fuel consumption directly linked!

No air conditioning in summer driving is a very painful thing, however, increase air conditioning and fuel consumption are closely related, how air conditioning can save some oil? In fact, there is a direct relationship with the car inside and outside the loop!

First talk about what is outside the circulating air, vehicle suction air outside the car, after the temperature adjustment, from the car through the air conditioning vent blowing, to achieve the purpose of ventilation in the car, because the outside air is dry so the summer to demisting in winter to defrost.

Using vehicle carrying the circulation fan, there is no relationship with the outside air, cooling and heating effect reached by the flow of air inside, but closed vehicle running time, the air mass will become poor, oxygen will become more less and less easy for the driver drowsy had an impact, the consequences can be imagined.

It is recommended that all summer long drive, air conditioning when the outside from time to time once a cycle, it can guarantee in the case of reducing fuel consumption, improve air quality in the car, so that drivers can keep fresh air respiratory a good mood, good mood will naturally enhance the driving safety.

However, if you encounter traffic jams the city, it is recommended that you open cycle within, because the emissions are concentrated on the road, ambient air quality will be worse than the car, then open the inner loop is still relatively closed some of the more beneficial.

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