Back to the south the owners of the dehumidification Raiders

During this time the rainy weather and high humidity, not only inconvenience and safety hazards to people's travel, is also a threat to the health of the car. Back to the south because the weather is very humid air, the growth of various bacteria to multiply provide a favorable environment. So, what car fast and effective method of dehumidification have it?

To the car sunbathing

Automotive and others, very cold day like sunbathing. Because sunlight contains ultraviolet, infrared and visible light. They not only can put the car inside the deposition of water vapor evaporated quickly, may be largely to the automotive consumer disinfection. So, back to the south the most direct method is to find dehumidifier when the weather cleared of a sun tan where all the doors and trunk lid is opened, so that the moisture inside the car exhaust, ventilation.

Air conditioning dehumidifiers

In addition, air conditioning ventilation, dehumidification method is relatively common. Owners can open a regular conscious car air conditioners, reducing cabin humidity, to avoid mold growth in the compartment. Of course, now the season of flu, replace the air filter regularly is very necessary. Because, once it was cold, bacteria and viruses easily accumulate in the air-conditioned grid through the air conditioning system.

Waste paper dehumidification

Waste newspapers back to the south also can serve as a very useful tool for dehumidification, the usual practice is to place it on the mat, so clean, and dehumidification two do not delay. But note that stained sewage waste paper and mats to remember to be cleaned the same day.

Charcoal, boxed water absorbing agent

In addition to these most common practice, the owner can put the car put charcoal, boxed water-absorbing agent back to the south, so that we can effectively absorb moisture. If there is the smell inside the car, the owner can put a few oranges or grapefruit in the car, remove the smell with natural fruit flavors.

Tips: Because automotive electronics are easily damaged in a wet environment, so, back to the south during the owners remember to open to open these electronic devices, emit heat when possible use of the work will accumulate on the inside of the moisture to evaporate.

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