The reasons of the vehicle shake

New car used for some time, some owners will find some small body shake, but do not know what went wrong. "Body shaking" is a signal that tells the owner of the car has a problem. Professionals than soldiers master told us, the body shake seemingly trivial, if not pay attention to testing, will lead to big hidden faults. So, the body is shaking What causes it? How common owner of the judge and resolve?

Found the body shake while driving

If during driving, a slight jitter found in the body or offset, usually caused by the failure of the tire. First of all may be poor tire balance, the owners need to do a wheel alignment and balancing as soon as possible, if never running out to do some tire balancing can be.

Outside a situation is more serious, possibly because of the deformation caused by the steel ring, which requires owners to go to a professional repair shop to check. This situation usually occurs when you use a longer useful life of the vehicle body. General automotive replacement tires, tire balance have to do a new rims, otherwise no steering wheel when the weight average prone to the phenomenon of jitter. Body shake of driving comfort and handling judge will have an impact.

The third case is because the deformation caused by unbalanced shaft, generally this occurs after collision in more car chassis.

Jitter idle body

Body shake is idling situation many owners often encountered. If you start the vehicle owners or stopped vehicle without an engine shut down, if we find the body shake obvious, it could mean a vehicle following three conditions exist:

1. serious engine deposits

The most common causes of car jitter is the throttle too dirty or too much coke fuel injectors. An excessive carbon deposits inside the engine, a cold start injector head gasoline is discharged absorbs carbon, resulting in a cold start mixture too lean, so that the difficulty in starting, in this situation, the absorbed carbon gasoline only until saturated, it is easy to the car, the car is adsorbed on the soot gasoline will be sucked into the vacuum suction cylinder combustion engine, and air-fuel mixture becomes rich, when the lean combustible mixture rich when the engine, after cold start causing idle jitter. The lower the temperature, the greater the amount of oil needed for a cold start, the more carbon there is or not will affect the smooth cold start.

Solution: clean oil, check whether the idling motor carbon deposition should be cleaned.

2. The ignition system problems

Check the working conditions of spark plugs, ignition coil and high voltage wires, ignition system work bad, bad spark plug arcing condition can also cause this type of malfunction.

Solution: Check the spark plug if too much carbon, replace the spark plug.

3. hydraulic instability

If you have already cleaned up engine deposits, washed throttle, oil pads and spark plugs replaced, still found the body shake when idling, we recommend you to the 4S shop to check the fuel supply pressure and the intake pressure sensor is normal, if the fuel supply abnormal pressure or intake pressure sensor failure will lead to numerical errors and working body jitter.

Solution: Check the oil, replace parts if necessary.

4, the engine component aging

Automobile engines and also shake the foot aging. Engine Mount fact suspension system of the engine, the engine is responsible for the absorption foot engine slight jitter at the time of the operation, if the engine foot problems, these vibrations will be transmitted to the steering wheel, cab, resulting in jitter occurs when idle.

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