After a long car maintenance coup

Clean vehicles

Traveling along the way often encounter all kinds of bad weather, even the birds of the air will make the body Menggou excrement, so long after the return of the body carry out a thorough cleaning is necessary homework to do. For damaged paint touch-up painting, and even re-waxing polishing, to paint a thorough maintenance. Strip windows closed doors is easily missed by the owner dead. In fact, these are often easy to become a corner of the filth. Once the tape and the window in possession of sand, the upper and lower glass process, the window is easy to wear. For interior compartment might do a dry cleaning process, the respective corner portions may also be treated with a vacuum cleaner.

Check body appearance and paint

Here includes a vehicle body exterior surface and all parts you can see. Although it sounds complicated, but in fact is very simple, such as after a long high-speed driving your body paint for damage (due to the high speeds will inevitably run into the gravel road bounce of paint damage), then check the method is to set off against the car and then rinse your car around the two laps around the injured area and discover.

Check the tire

First, the tire pressure to be measured after a long trip, whether still maintain the tire pressure in the normal range. If you find a tire pressure is too small, then the owners should pay particular attention to whether there was a puncture or rip. If you hurt the tube, then the tire would retire. In addition to tire pressure, tire wear but also to observe whether there are particularly severe tire wear. If found serious tire wear than the front tire, the front and rear tires swap method can be used.

Check the engine oil

Owners can choose the right engine oil according to the specific models and their car needs, in addition to the engine oil, oil grid also need to be replaced. Other functional fluid may also need to check with the vehicle, as the case may supplement or replacement, such as brake fluid, power steering oil, engine coolant, wiper water.

Check the engine compartment member

In addition the engine compartment thing is to check that it is "air filter." If you are traveling on the way the city is more than dust, the air filter is likely to adsorb excessive dust during this time, and if the dust from entering the engine will cause wear of the various components within the engine; such as air filter and blocking It will cause poor engine intake, a loss of power. So remove the air filter, check is very necessary.

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