8 child restraint safety hazards

Soon the summer, I believe many parents would bring their children to a travel by car during the holidays. This way you can let the children relax, and secondly, can let the children play by long exposure. But when it comes to travel by car, you have to mention the "safe" word, especially for those students who are still very small, but also to pay more attention, a little attention could lead to disaster.

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In fact, this small topic in mind originating from two tragedies while ago. One is the May 29th Luoyang 2-year-old girls because their parents can effect, be left alone in the car five hours, leading to heat stroke death; the other is, June 7 Panzhihua two siblings climbed into the vehicle scrapped, finally overall alive suffocated ...... car is improving with life, but improper use of harm to children is very large. The following are common mistakes many parents, we have to rectify if any, Tsutomu.

A security risk: holding a child by car

Such a car carrying children bad habits, many domestic parents do. In their psychology, children only in their arm protection is the most secure. As everyone knows, there is a big security risk such a ride way. Because, when a vehicle collision, the moment of impact will easily be child arms "take away" from parents and even claimed the lives of children.

Security risks II: Let children adult seat belt system

Speaking of the car can not hold the child, the parents may have thought, that I let the child sit alone, always wear a seat belt to give him all right, right! It really does not work, because the seatbelt is designed in accordance with adult and children due to the height of the limit, if you want to ensure the safety of the car seat belt to fasten your child will need to elevate the sitting position. Otherwise, when a vehicle collision, the seat belt is not only no protection, but will hurt the child's neck Le, cause unnecessary harm.

Security risks III: let the children sit co-pilot

Many parents with children traveling by car, easy to take care of the child will be placed in the co-pilot, not knowing that there is a big security risk. Because sitting in the passenger, will increase the chances of the child in the face of an emergency situation when injured, the other co-pilot of the balloon will cause unnecessary harm to the child, the child can not withstand the impact of weak air bag.

Security risks four: let the children play alone in the back row

Take a back injury accidents can be reduced to a large extent on the child, but do not think the child on the back foolproof. Even with family caregivers also must let children sit on the back of the child safety seat, must not be allowed to play alone in the back seat.

Security risks five: leave the child alone in the car

Through these events, we believe we can clearly understand the hazards children alone put the car. So, if you have this idea, I suggest you give up immediately. Because for a long time leave the child alone in the car, child problems such as lack of oxygen inside the car and prone to choking. In addition, very young children left alone in the car, it tends to create an opportunity for criminals, but could see my parents because when older children woke up button in a car tinker in the car, will their own vehicle and cause unnecessary trouble.

Security risks Six: do not open the child safety locks

Child safety locks, as the name suggests is specifically designed to protect children lock. The child safety locks transferred to the locked position, the door closed, the door can not be opened from the outside and can only be opened from the inside, thus avoiding the possibility of driving in the door of the child's mistake caused dangerous.

Security risks Seven: Let the child stuck his sunroof/windows

One owner after stopping to let a child play head out of the sunroof, the result will be automatically shut down after the engine flameout sunroof, pinch the child's head. Although such incidents are a minority, but also a reminder of everything off guard, they are likely to lead to dangerous. Parents open sunroof, be sure to take good care of their children. Children sometimes naughty, I do not know the depth, need you to be told, always protected.

Security risks Eight: let the children get on and off

Many parents to drive children to school when the car just stopped, the children hurriedly opened the door and rushed to the school gate. This time the car is often not completely stopped, once the child's clothes, bags and other things stuck in the car, the car can easily be dragged down. In addition, due to the ability of children to analyze road conditions is relatively weak, will not look at the situation around before the car door, such as whether there are pedestrians and vehicles, things should not happen so easily occur when the car suddenly opened the door. Moreover, due to the child's strength is not big enough, easy to push and pull the door open when not in place, resulting in a slight rebound door, it is easy to pinch your fingers.

Car headlights blurred easily lead to an accident