After the high speed, how to deal with the body of the small flying insect quickly!

Every time you run a long-distance highway, you will find that the front windshield, engine cover, lights, and mirrors of your car are densely packed with the bodies of small flying insects. The white car is more obvious. These bodies are particularly difficult to clean, which not only affects the beauty but also is not very friendly to the car paint. Today I will share a few solutions.

Every time you run a long distance in summer and autumn, you will find that the front windshield, front bar and reversing mirror are full of small flying insects killed by collision. If it is a white car, it will be more obvious. It looks like a car with a black beard from a distance. These small insects are very difficult to clean. Not washing them off in time will not only affect the appearance but also the paint. Today we share with you several solutions.

1. The easiest way is to use a wet cloth or a wet paper towel to wipe the body of the flying insects on the car, as long as the time is not very long, it can be cleaned easily.

2. Before going to high speed, you can wax the front and rear-view mirror in advance. The waxed car is easy to wash away the small flying insects.

3. The special cleaner can quickly remove the body of flying insects, but it is corrosive and can cause damage to the car paint. Generally, the car dealers will use these cleaners in order to save trouble. (not recommended)

4. It's easy to clean the small insects on the front windshield. Just wipe them with detergent and water or glass water. It's easy to remove and won't hurt the glass.

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