A bottle of water on the dashboard allows the car exploding!

CCTV recently reported that a strange car with combustion accident, cause of the accident is actually a bottle of mineral water on the dashboard. Coincidentally, just last week, "Reference News" also referred to the car seat fuel burn incident occurred in a foreign country, the reason is because a bottled water in plastic bottles. A bottle of mineral water bottles filled with water power Why is it so powerful?

Reduction burning car incident sounded the alarm car fire

This is from the burning car accident in Taiwan, the owner will be free to get off two bottles of mineral water bottle filled with water and several invoices placed on top of the dashboard anti-slip mat, direct sunlight is refracted in the water bottle, just concentrating on skid mat, and low non-slip mats car ignition, combustion coupled with the invoice, this led to unnecessary accidents.

"Reference News" that the incident mentioned more thrilling, the owners sleep in the car, the car suddenly caught a glimpse of smoke, he found mineral water condensed on the passenger seat so that the seat has reached ignition point. If the owner does not promptly found sleeping may cause more accidents.

What is more, in this session of Russia during the World Cup. A Russian company to launch a football-shaped bottle can be lighting a match in less than ten seconds. This fully shows that the plastic bottle filled with water can act as a lens, especially round the bottle is more conducive to focus sunlight, at high latitudes Besides this, a lower latitude we should be more vigilant and put an end to the production of such bottle .

In fact, through these three cases we can know the true events of mineral water bottles filled with water is a perfect natural condenser, direct sunlight will converge at one point, resulting in local temperature. Into the summer, the temperature is getting higher and higher, an enclosed vehicle temperature will reach sixty to seventy degrees, and mineral water bottles by converging points of light to direct sunlight, the temperature is to reach one hundred twenty degrees. This is more than physical ignition, will inevitably lead to fires. Although the black hole is now the original car with the materials used are self-extinguishing and fire prevention function, and will not cause the spread of fire, but suddenly appeared on the seat is probably a lot of owners do not want to see it. The car owners to buy their own supplies because most burning low become accomplices of such events.

These items are also the source of accidents

1. Perfume

Many owners like to place in the center console car perfume, perfume bottles will not only block the sightline and most is made of glass, which is the same principle as mineral water bottles refraction of sunlight, will produce local high temperature in the car, triggering a fire. Let alone a perfume containing alcohol, having a combustion effect.

2. Lighter

Smoking friends is particularly easy to make this mistake, the end point of cigarette lighters will readily throw on the dashboard, liquid butane lighters in the 55 degree will expand, now mostly made of lighter plastic material, it is easy to encounter bumpy road explosion, causing unnecessary consequences.

3. reading glasses

Reading glasses belong to a convex lens, also belong to the principle of light refraction to focus, in fact, read the above reason we know everything. This will simply wear reading glasses to clean up storage box sun exposure can not, you can avoid accidents against students.

4. Mobile Power

Mobile power can not be placed inside the car, if subjected to sunlight, it is prone to explosion in a closed hot car. In particular, some of the cottage mobile power, sun to sun are not dangerous, not to mention the brunt.

to sum up

Many accidents are inadvertently occur, harmless to humans and animals bottle of mineral water will cause great damage to property in case of neglected. We in the car should not carry or install lighters and perfume such inflammable and explosive materials in the car. And to avoid direct sunlight on an article such as mineral water bottles with focusing properties of the vehicle must leave these items packed, to avoid unnecessary vehicle accident.

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