8-year-old driver summary of 15 driving skills, reading good enough for a lifetime!

Today, the driving environment across the country are getting worse, master certain driving skills, can greatly improve traffic safety, the following is a summary of eight-year-old driver of the 15 driving skills, believe me, after reading the absolute good enough to make you a lifetime. Collect it quickly.

1. After the start the car, around the car took 15 seconds to go walk around, see if anyone was lying under your Che Gulu to sleep.

2. The lane change. rearview mirror! rearview mirror! rearview mirror! Novice every 8-10 seconds to force yourself to sweep over the rearview mirror. Vehicles is shorter intervals. Turn before changing lanes scanned mirror frequency 2 to 3 times, do not want to see more repair mirror. To do this one, never rub down 9 to brag.

3. lane change. Should acceleration3 change lanes, overtaking, when you can see from the front of the vehicle over the exterior mirror, the lane change direction again car is safe.

4. corner. When turning the steering wheel as much as possible uniform one-time hit rate in place, this will help others determine your path.

5. with the car. As far as possible to observe the vehicle in front of the vehicle in front what action, so stay reaction time for yourself.

6. with the car. Your brake pedal to the vehicle in front and brake lights linkage, that is, before the car brake lights and you'll spot the brakes.

7. with the car. Not with the taxi, the taxi could stop at any time. Not something out with carts, carts files sight trucks. Not with the bus, the bus stop parking at any time, not only in the way, changing lanes bypass Shihai easily conflict with the car, but also may impact sprang from the front to come.

8. brakes. Observation by car from the rear-view mirror when braking, the front brake Note the tight loose.

9. high beam. Beam shot across your face, with the beam immediately retaliate. If the opposite right mind will generally tangential to the low beam.

10. The link driving at night without light, note whistle, note the distance light frequently switched, so that the visual comparison of the effect to hide the pit, looking for passers-by. Note that the initiative will frequently look glanced, believe me, there is a human visual characteristics, staring point of view it is not easy to find a moving object, glanced back and forth more sensitive to moving objects.

11. If the high-speed suddenly change lanes in front of the cart, the cart must follow to go. Because the cart driver stand high and far ahead, mostly found in front of unforeseen circumstances, if at this time go carts innocently original pedal to the metal passing line, eight to scare urine.

12. In urban vehicle beyond very slow or sudden deceleration of the vehicle. Be sure to slow down and slow speed almost, and has his feet on the brakes, overtaking even slow down? The reason why slow because of the slow, most likely because it is preceded by a fierce people are pushing baby carriages across the road.

13. accumulated knowledge of a number of models, learn to identify various family cars taillights, nighttime encounter finished playing rogue escape, the police can narrow the search to know 10 meters outside at night it is difficult to discern a license plate number.

14. Replace a tachograph, does not require expensive, do not seek made into a movie, but wrangling encountered when seeking to prove that they did not foul.

15. The pump with a good car and tire pressure table, I said that to encourage the kind of bike, the more reliable the more primitive thing, and that do not take place. A person open field, where hand touch or put the root of a rolling pin, easy to use and not garish.

In fact, in addition to more than 15 driving skills, there are many ways to improve driving safety, as long as you re-owners driving the process constantly sum up.

From July 1 to conduct a serious investigation of these types of cars, please pay attention to older drivers!