Fuel gauge lights, the car can run far?

You have not encountered such a situation?

Driving on the highway

Quickly bottomed oil tank table shows the

But nothing and no nearby gas station!

Then if we go by past habits open

That car may soon strike at halfway

Deer in here to share some tips

Under allow car almost out of gas situation

Still dogged persistence to gas station

If that is really "exhaustion" how to do?

Find someone to borrow oil! This is a good method. People can not see it in the event of a Hill Country Ridge for a long time? add water! It was said that water could allow the car to travel 7,8 kilometers, but do not forget to add water to the engine damage is very large, if not because of oil which led to engine overhaul, too not worth it!

Ordinary fuel economy standards to count, when the fuel gauge lights, car can run another substantially about 50 to 90 kilometers. Sometimes, however, the engine may go "hungry" may not be able to get oil plus the results parked halfway. How to do it?

Reasonable control speed

When the tank quickly bottomed, remember not Bigfoot throttle intense driving, there are statistics show, 1.3-1.8L models of low-emission cars, the most fuel-efficient speeds between 45-60km/h, as for the 2.0-3.0L the most fuel-efficient high-speed car emissions of between about 55-75km/h. However, if you are driving on high speed, avoid low speed, but also to try to avoid frequent brakes, reasonable shift, control the speed, it is impossible to step aside double flash, place the tripod, waiting for rescue vehicles.

If you are driving on the highway, be careful not lower than the minimum speed limit, avoid danger.

Do not brake at low speed

The test for low-emission automobiles 1.3-1.8L type, the most fuel-efficient speed between 45-65km/h, for 2.0-3.0L type automobile, the most fuel-efficient speed at 55-75km/h between .

But also pay attention to fuel-efficient model in the open, the faster the speed the more costly oil, so it is best control in less than 100km/h, but if you're on the highway, we should be careful not below the minimum speed limit to avoid dangerous .

Close appliances

Navigation on the vehicle, radio, music, air conditioning and so on right then. The electrical power was relatively large. This will naturally affect the vehicle's fuel consumption.

Close the window

Car at high speeds, air resistance becomes larger, so close the windows to reduce wind resistance and can help you fuel up.

Note that travel the road

Try to pick a smooth road when running out of oil, potholed road for cars is certainly more fuel. In addition, the already almost out of gas, a little anxious, and then open the floor to the bad road conditions, estimated that people feel almost bad enough!

Avoid congested road

Oil is running out, if still encounter traffic congestion, it can be really worse. Especially when stop-go, time is the most fuel. Therefore, a reasonable plan your route, and pay attention to signs or navigation you avoid the wrong way.

Also, I want to remind that, try not to wait until the bottom of the tank quick, go to refuel, this behavior is actually quite hurt the car, for the operation of the oil pump, etc. are unfavorable, especially in summer, with low oil for a long time It will cause rough running engine, may therefore lead to difficult flameout, start phenomenon, therefore, we should always pay attention to the fuel gauge, fueling advance to avoid running low fuel.

These oil components are not allowed to watch a fault